KSR After Show 4/1/16

Here on April Fools Day, April 1st 2016, Matt and Drew are in studio and are not joking around. Ah who am I kidding, yes they are, but they are set up to bring us a good Friday show to get us ready for the weekend. On today’s show the guys will talk UK special announcement, recruiting, and anything in between. In the second hour Kyle Wiltjer will join KSR to talk about his career, selling t-shirts, and his upcoming autograph tour. 

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On Today’s KSR:

Matt and Drew hate April Fools Day. 

I’m with the guys, maybe every now and again someone will come up with a pretty good prank. Although mostly its people who think they are funny being annoying. 

UK has a press conference at 2pm for a special announcement. 

Matt and Drew believe the announcement will be either Jamal Murray or Skal announcing that they are hiring an agent and putting their name in the draft. 

The NCAA called South Carolina and told them they where in the NCAA Tournament, but they really weren’t. 

That’s a big D move by the NCAA. Even if it was by mistake, it’s still a D move. 

Matt is feuding with governor Bevin

“Move along kids”

Drew says per sources he thinks Marques Bolden was a sure thing to Duke a month ago, but that he changed his mind between Duke and Kentucky every other day now

Urban Meyer told Landon Young he was an inconsequential player going to an inconsequential school. 

Another D move. I hope Coach Stoops is pissed about this. 

Kyle Wiltjer joins KSR

  • He thought he gave up BBN when he transferred. Was surprised to still have so much support from Kentucky. 
  • Sounds like the Championship ring is going on tour with him. 
  • The loss to Indiana really hurt but fired up the team. 
  • The guys knew what the Louisville game in the Final Four meant. 
  • Winning a Championship is the most satisfying feeling. 
  • The main reason Kyle decided to transfer was contrasting team playing styles.
  • Anthony Davis is the best player he’s played with. 
  • Says maybe Harrison Barnes or a player from that UNC team where probably the best he’s played against. 
  • Kyle, Jared Polson, and Willie Cauley-Stein where good friends and called themselves the Goonies. 
  • He used to be a pitcher in baseball. 
  • Doron Lamb was the funniest teammate he played with. 
  • Alex was the smartest. 
  • Sam Malone would be his running mate if he ran for president. 
  • He would take Jared or Willie to Europe for a year with him. 
  • The Vandy loss was not on purpose, and “fueled the fire” going forward. 
  • He had a lot of mental what if’s during the redshirt year. 
  • Kyle will be trying to get with a team in the NBA, whether through the draft or not. 
  • Buy Kyle Wiltjer T-shirts at Throwboy Tees


  • Kyle finishes his Masters degree next Saturday. 
  • He is interested in being a sports agent or starting a business after basketball. 

Matt’s Mentions

Jay in Lyndon @kwiltj @KySportsRadio Lexington Girls vs. Spokane Girls? #BBN

Aaron Smith @KySportsRadio the kids could move along if their education was going to be better funded. #MoveAlongKids

Linda Brown @RobertCHughes @KySportsRadio @MattBevin Sir,I suggest you forget MJ & focus your energy on cleaning up corruption at #L1C8 #fraud #hookers

Dave Blue @KySportsRadio @DrewFranklinKSR @ryanlemond will be upset if you let Kyle go without the hair question.

Joe Sonka @KySportsRadio see if you can go for the 24-hour trifecta and get @realDonaldTrump to go after you.

nick day @KySportsRadio @kwiltj Sitting here at subway listening and when you said you hated UL the looks on the birds PRICELESS!! Welcome back to KY

Kyle Robinson @KySportsRadio My favorite goonies video – “All I want for Christmas is you” – with @kwiltj and @jpolson05 – Still makes me laugh..a classic

Cole @DrewFranklinKSR @KySportsRadio one time @kwiltj liked my tweet and I bragged about it for a week

Emmy Rae Rodgers @KySportsRadio Hey @kwiltj made being a slow ass honky look good! #BBN

Nick Isaacs @KySportsRadio Hey @kwiltj made being a slow ass honky look good! #BBN

Thank you Big Blue Nation for joining us on the KSR After Show today! Send in your comments and keep the conversations going! Have a great weekend! 

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