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Paul George likely out for the upcoming season after Kevin Ware type leg injury in USA scrimmage.

Team USA’s scrimmage came to an abrupt and brutal stop last night after Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, while contesting a lay-up by James Harden, crashed into the base of the goal post sustaining an injury similar to that of Kevin Ware during the 2013 NCAA tournament. What’s being called a “compound leg fracture” will likely keep George off the court for the Pacers until at least this time during the off season next year, possibly longer depending on the rate in which he recovers and the actual severity of the break.

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President of basketball operations for Indiana and NBA legend Larry Bird of course has already gone on record saying that “any talk about the future of the team would be inappropriate.” But I ask you, with the loss of free agent Lance Stevenson, and the injury to Paul George. How do you see the number one seed in the east last year fairing next season?

While being an Indiana native, I want to be able to give hope to everyone and say Bird and Pacers couch Frank Vogel will somehow figure out how to now keep this team from imploding. With all of the on and off the court antics and distractions that led to last years slide in the second half of the season and playoffs. I’m not too convinced that anyone, staff or players, have the tools left to get these guys to play with a will to win. Roy Hibbert and David West have probably already thrown their hands in the air, planted their chins on their chest, and told Chris Copeland that he is selfish.. 😁
The Pacers are finished with this run of “almost” being winners, and you know the old saying almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. I believe the only chance they have is if somehow Paul George becomes an emotional leader throughout his recovery and return, because while this team doesn’t lack emotion 😢😪, it is the wrong type of emotion.



Tyson Movie

Just heard on @92.9thegame in Atlanta that Jamie Foxx is set to play Mike Tyson in a Movie about

the baddest man on the plant.

Your thoughts? Good fit or would you cast someone else?

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