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Voicemail from Radio Ron to Alex Poythress, KSR, and BBN!

Listen in here to a voicemail from Radio Ron to Alex Poythress, KSR, and BBN. 
Thanks Radio Ron!

Send us your voicemail or text @ 775-583-7483 just like Radio Ron did and we will post it for everyone to enjoy! 


Text Line 3/7/16

From area code (270)

Remember when Fred VanVleet was considered the best PG in America? Shockers might miss the Big Dance.

I kinda miss watching those good Shockers teams actually. Where fun to watch. But VanVleet and The Shockers have fallen off the map. 

KSR After Show & UK vs Flordia Voicemail

Check out my first KSR After Show Voicemail Here where I talk about today’s show and what I think about the game tonight.

You can call or text The SO and KSR After Show Hotline at 775-583-7483 and send in your comments and predictions as well and I will post them to the website!

The SO Voicemail and Text Hotline!

Stats and Opinions is introducing a new Voicemail and Text Hotline, The SO and KSR After Show Hotline. You can call in or text at anytime and voice your spirited opinions on the days topics or any other rants and ramblings that you see fit. Again The SO and KSR After Show Hotline will always be open to texts and calls, but it will also be added to the new KSR After Show page so we can take calls from anyone who couldn’t get through or simply wasn’t able to get onto Kentucky Sports Radio during their daily broadcast. If your voicemails and texts are not to profane and post worthy they will be posted to the site for everyone to enjoy! I will also make sure to forward any interesting voicemails and texts to Kentucky Sports Radio and who knows, while SO and the KSR After Show are not in association with KSR itself maybe you will get featured on the show if they like what you have to say!

SO give it a shot! Call The SO and KSR After Show Hotline at 775-583-7483 and let your opinions be heard!