KSR After Show 4/5/16

Welcome to the KSR After Show Big Blue Nation. We are here to discuss anything and everything that Kentucky Sports Radio gives us today. Since the guys are at Nutter Practice Facility for Kentucky Football practice, today we will surely have lots of football related topics to talk about, listen to some interviews from Coach Stoops and a couple players, and talk about an amazing NCAA Basketball Championship game last night. So let’s listen in to these things and more and discuss it here afterwards.

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On Today’s KSR:

The NCAA Championship last night was an all-time great game. One of the best in recent memory.

So many big shots, great back and forth play, and great coaching specifically by Jay Wright to draw up some special plays at the end of the game to pull out the victory. Even without the Cats in it, it was a special game to watch and highly entertaining. It will definitely go down as one of the best of all time.

Kentucky fans are happy that North Carolina didn’t win.

I think there was one fan that Tweeted Matt yesterday saying he wanted UNC to win to keep all of the championships with the “blue bloods”, but I think most all of Kentucky fans were on the Villanova bandwagon last night and was happy they put down UNC. Cheaters never win and the ball don’t lie.

Villanova may be the first team in 30 years to win the title without a first round draft pick.

Drew Barker joins Matt and Ryan on the show.

  • Accountability on and off the field is a big point of emphasis this year.
  • The team is much more disciplined including himself.
  • The offense is more of a Pro-Style Offense out of the shotgun.
  • He does think of himself as the started but knows he has to work to keep it that way.
  • Says the team has to learn how to finish.

Mark Stoops Joins the guys now.

  • Says Drew isn’t worried about anything else but getting better and he is very pleased with Drew.
  • The team will be more disciplined and accountable this coming year.
  • He is seeing the team make more competitive plays than ever before.
  • Andy Buh leaving was a set back but he is happy for him and knew it was the decision he had to make.
  • The team is growing up and getting depth on offense.
  • The team will be much more consistent at Wide Receiver and Tight End
  • There is some inexperience on defense, but we are very talented.
  • He feels good up front on defense other than producing pass rushers.
  • But there have been some pleasant surprises in the pass rushing game.
  • Kash Daniels is dinged up with a concussion right now, but he thinks Kash can contribute and play some this year.
  • Says cornerbacks Chris Westry, Eric Betty and Mike Edwards have a chance to play on Sunday’s in the future.
  • He appreciates all of the fan support, he knows it’s been frustrating but we need everyone on board to compete at a high level.

Next year’s college basketball season is set up to be a special year across the board.

Like Matt says, it kinda stinks that when it seems like Kentucky is going to have a great roster that the college basketball landscape is going to be greatly improved. Yet who really wants to be the best and not be able to go up against the best to prove

Yuo Ming, Shag, Allen Iverson, and Tom Izzo where inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Allen Iverson apparently checked out Ryan’s wife at a Pacers game a while back, so Ryan isn’t a big fan of AI. 

Garrett “Juice” Johnson joins Matt and Ryan.

  • Lamar Thomas has some juice
  • He respects coach Thomas even more after watching The U documentary.
  • He says the drop balls where interpersonal last year, but that was last year.
  • All of the receivers bring something different to the table.
  • Drew Barker is more of a vocal leader this year.
  • He really wants to beat Florida and Louisville.
  • Asks the fans to bring energy to the Spring Game and all year.

Eric C. Conn is being investigated by the FBI for Social Security fraud in Eastern Kentucky. 

Here is an article from the Herald Leader on the FBI investigation into Eric C. Conn.

Could the Jenkins shot help replace the Laettner shot even a little bit going forward on NCAA basketball broadcasts?

I doubt it, the networks will never stop showing the Laettner shot, but maybe it will help a little by the way of them playing the Paige and Jenkins shots a little more now.

Coach Stoops returns:

  • Juice has taken on a leadership role.
  • Recruiting has already started back up.
  • They do their best to target and zero in on guys early in recruiting, and have done a good job.
  • In between visiting with KSR he has been showing a recruit around campus. We obviously don’t know who yet.
  • Coach has no doubt that we will get to where we want to be in football.
  • The new facility is a game changer.

Thanks for joining us on today’s KSR After Show BBN, leave your comments here on the site or call/text the KSR After Show Hotline @ 775-583-7483 to continue the discussions! Have a great day guys and gals! 


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