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KSR After Show 4/5/16

Welcome to the KSR After Show Big Blue Nation. We are here to discuss anything and everything that Kentucky Sports Radio gives us today. Since the guys are at Nutter Practice Facility for Kentucky Football practice, today we will surely have lots of football related topics to talk about, listen to some interviews from Coach Stoops and a couple players, and talk about an amazing NCAA Basketball Championship game last night. So let’s listen in to these things and more and discuss it here afterwards.

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On Today’s KSR:

The NCAA Championship last night was an all-time great game. One of the best in recent memory.

So many big shots, great back and forth play, and great coaching specifically by Jay Wright to draw up some special plays at the end of the game to pull out the victory. Even without the Cats in it, it was a special game to watch and highly entertaining. It will definitely go down as one of the best of all time.

Kentucky fans are happy that North Carolina didn’t win.

I think there was one fan that Tweeted Matt yesterday saying he wanted UNC to win to keep all of the championships with the “blue bloods”, but I think most all of Kentucky fans were on the Villanova bandwagon last night and was happy they put down UNC. Cheaters never win and the ball don’t lie.

Villanova may be the first team in 30 years to win the title without a first round draft pick.

Drew Barker joins Matt and Ryan on the show.

  • Accountability on and off the field is a big point of emphasis this year.
  • The team is much more disciplined including himself.
  • The offense is more of a Pro-Style Offense out of the shotgun.
  • He does think of himself as the started but knows he has to work to keep it that way.
  • Says the team has to learn how to finish.

Mark Stoops Joins the guys now.

  • Says Drew isn’t worried about anything else but getting better and he is very pleased with Drew.
  • The team will be more disciplined and accountable this coming year.
  • He is seeing the team make more competitive plays than ever before.
  • Andy Buh leaving was a set back but he is happy for him and knew it was the decision he had to make.
  • The team is growing up and getting depth on offense.
  • The team will be much more consistent at Wide Receiver and Tight End
  • There is some inexperience on defense, but we are very talented.
  • He feels good up front on defense other than producing pass rushers.
  • But there have been some pleasant surprises in the pass rushing game.
  • Kash Daniels is dinged up with a concussion right now, but he thinks Kash can contribute and play some this year.
  • Says cornerbacks Chris Westry, Eric Betty and Mike Edwards have a chance to play on Sunday’s in the future.
  • He appreciates all of the fan support, he knows it’s been frustrating but we need everyone on board to compete at a high level.

Next year’s college basketball season is set up to be a special year across the board.

Like Matt says, it kinda stinks that when it seems like Kentucky is going to have a great roster that the college basketball landscape is going to be greatly improved. Yet who really wants to be the best and not be able to go up against the best to prove

Yuo Ming, Shag, Allen Iverson, and Tom Izzo where inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Allen Iverson apparently checked out Ryan’s wife at a Pacers game a while back, so Ryan isn’t a big fan of AI. 

Garrett “Juice” Johnson joins Matt and Ryan.

  • Lamar Thomas has some juice
  • He respects coach Thomas even more after watching The U documentary.
  • He says the drop balls where interpersonal last year, but that was last year.
  • All of the receivers bring something different to the table.
  • Drew Barker is more of a vocal leader this year.
  • He really wants to beat Florida and Louisville.
  • Asks the fans to bring energy to the Spring Game and all year.

Eric C. Conn is being investigated by the FBI for Social Security fraud in Eastern Kentucky. 

Here is an article from the Herald Leader on the FBI investigation into Eric C. Conn.

Could the Jenkins shot help replace the Laettner shot even a little bit going forward on NCAA basketball broadcasts?

I doubt it, the networks will never stop showing the Laettner shot, but maybe it will help a little by the way of them playing the Paige and Jenkins shots a little more now.

Coach Stoops returns:

  • Juice has taken on a leadership role.
  • Recruiting has already started back up.
  • They do their best to target and zero in on guys early in recruiting, and have done a good job.
  • In between visiting with KSR he has been showing a recruit around campus. We obviously don’t know who yet.
  • Coach has no doubt that we will get to where we want to be in football.
  • The new facility is a game changer.

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Kentucky vs LSU 3/5/2016 Offensive Analytics

Kentucky Basketball Per Game Offensive Analytics

Saturday, March 5th  2016

Kentucky (94) vs LSU (77)

Player True Shooting % Effective Shooting % Offensive Rating
Jamal Murray 72% 67% 83
Tyler Ulis 39% 34% 88
Isaiah Briscoe 29% 29% 73
Alex Poythress 86% 86% 105
Marcus Lee 71% 86% 100
Skal Labissiere 79% 80% 89
*Table represents players that played at least 15 minutes in the game.

Kentucky vs Florida 3/1/16 Offensive Analytics

Kentucky Basketball Per Game Offensive Analytics

Tuesday, March 1st  2016

Kentucky (88) at Florida (79)

Player True Shooting % Effective Shooting % Offensive Rating
Jamal Murray 71% 70% 73
Tyler Ulis 69% 60% 87
Isaiah Briscoe 66% 57% 97
Alex Poythress 46% 42% 70
Marcus Lee 85% 100% 83
Skal Labissiere 46% 50% 74
*Table represents players that played at least 15 minutes in the game.

KSR After Show 3/4/16

Welcome to the Friday March 4th addition of the KSR After Show. Today the Kentucky Sports Radio crew are on remote at the Cumberland Valley National Bank in Lexington where they will discuss Senior Day for the Cats against LSU tomorrow, the SEC Tournament, and they’re sure to talk about the actual game against LSU as well, amoung many other topics. So let’s listen in and continue the conversation here on Stats and Opinions and the KSR After Show following today’s KSR live broadcast.

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Tomorrows game is Senior Day, technically for only Alex Poythress. Yet will be Jamal Murray and Tyler Ulis’ last game at Rupp as well. 

  • Alex Poythress: A four year class act 4.0 student athlete for Kentucky. He worked at Wendy’s while being recruited as a McDonald’s All American. While sometimes inconsistent he has shown us he’s resilient facing adversity, and is a proven leader in the locker room based on his experience, and while Tyler Ulis is the general, Alex is the firm backbone of this team. He deserves every bit of the standing ovation that he’ll recieve tomorrow from the Rupp Arena crowd.
  • Jamal Murray: He has transformed from a volume shooter who had a wreckless abandon that was..wreckless. Rushing shots and trying to do to much. To the most prolific scorer as a freshman in the Calipari Era at Kentucky, and has sky rocketed to a top 5 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.
  • Tyler Ulis: In two great years Ulis has become one of the most, if not the most beloved Wildcat of all time in all of our hearts. While Murray is amazing when you think of this team you think of its leader Tyler Ulis. Without Tyler this Kentucky team would be headed to the NIT Tournament instead of a chance at the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament. Tyler Ulis is the best Point Guard in the nation and will go down as one of the best PGs in UK history. He as well as Alex and Jamal will be severely missed by BBN and we all need to appreciate what little time we have left with all of these guys.

SEC Tournament Seeding Breakdown. 

  • Ok, SO.. South Carolina lost, so now the worst we can be is the 4 seed.
  • If we win tomorrow the worst we can be is the 2 seed.
  • If we win and Texas A&M loses we are the sole winner of the SEC and would then be the 1 seed.
  • If we win and A&M wins we will then be the 2 seed.
  • If we lose and A&M wins we will be the 3 seed.
  • If both UK and A&M loses we will then be the 4 seed.

Matt states that our best scenerio’s are if UK and Texas A&M win and we get the 2 seed which will be the easiest bracket. Or if we win and A&M loses AND South Carolina loses their last regular season game, because then we will be the 1 seed and South Carolina will be the 4.

All signs point to Derek Willis playing tomorrow. 

Getting Derek Willis back and having a complete and healthy team, is the most important thing for the Cats going forward into the tournament season. No one would have thought so to the extent that what he is, but Derek is a critical part of this team and UK needs him to make a run.

There may be a knife that a rogue cop has kept on display at his house for 17 years from OJ Simpsons yard that no one knew about. 

While this is a TMZ report, I don’t put anything past people these days. Especially things that make them think they look cool or important, or whatever this guy was trying to accomplish if it’s true.

It’s NFL Pro Day for Kentucky Football. 

Big day for some of the players on the Cats football roster to prove they have what it takes to play at the next level. Good Luck fellas!

Tyler Ulis has 207 assists, the next highest on the team is Briscoe with 88.

As long as Kentucky can make it to the finals in the SEC Tournament and do something, elite 8, final four, in the NCAA Tournament. Then Tyler will break John Walls single season assist record.

Marco Rubio is joining KSR after the mid show break. 

Listen to the second hour of today’s KSR on iTunes HERE to hear the Marco Rubio interview.

Matt believes UKs best line up is the 3 guards, Willis and Poythress. 

I’m not 100% sure but I believe Matt just said “I had a hard one on Bill Lamb”… Pretty sure. 

U.K. Vs LSU game thoughts. 

As we all know Kentucky struggled down in Baton Rouge in their first meeting with the Tigers. Although that was a completely different team than what we are seeing now.  This game is at Rupp, it’s Senior Day and I believe the Cats are going to come to play and finish the regular season by putting away LSU for good. The Tigers need to win tomorrow to have any hopes to play in the NCAA Tournament, but I think they fall short tomorrow and prove that even with Ben Simmons Johnny Jones can’t coach. Im betting on Alex Poythress showing up on his stand alone Senior Day and on Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray also going out in style, both likely playing their last games in Lexington, continuing to put up big numbers and willing Kentucky to another victory.

Prediction: UK 81 LSU 75

KSR After Show 3/3/16

Welcome to the KSR After Show. We are all ready for the Thursday addition of Kentucky Sports Radio. Let’s see what Matt, Ryan, and Shannon are discussing on today’s show and break it down here afterwards.

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Saturday is Keeneland day and Matt is wearing UK/Keeneland Jockey Goggles that will be given to the student section at the LSU Game. Walking in to Rupp on Saturday you will also be able to stroll through the Keeneland starting gate.

There will be a lot of NBA Scouts at the Kentucky vs LSU Game to see Ben Simmons and our Kentucky guys. 

The scouts will be in Rupp on Saturday to see how Ben Simmons fares against Kentucky in a game that LSU has to win to have any chance at a spot in the NCAA Tournament. They will also have their eyes on several players on the Cats roster, including but not limited to Jamal Murray, Skal Labissiere, and Tyler Ulis. Potentially Isiah Briscoe, Alex Poythress and Derek Willis will be on there radar as well.

Simmons gets star calls during games. 

He does get calls like Micheal Jordan, Bird and Kobe used to, and that Lebron does now. I get the premise of getting respect but how does that really make any sense? Why do the best players need help from the refs?

Julius Randle holds the record for the most free throws in a season at UK. 

Hm if Matt is correct with this statement, how did I not realize this.

If we loose on Saturday we could potentially be the 5 seed in the SEC Tournament and play on Thursday.

If Kentucky happens to get beat Saturday, and if Texas A&M looses, UK will be the 5 seed in the SEC Tournament and play on Thursday. Because of what would then be our record against the other top 5 teams in the conference.

Marco Rubio could be calling into KSR sometime today or tomorrow. 

Update: he did not do so today. Maybe tomorrow.

Nate Silver at has a ranking of teams percentage to win the title this year. 

Kansas sets atop the list at 19% Kentucky is projected 8th at 3% Check out the article on Here

Doug Sirmons will not be officiating at the SEC Tournament. 

Thank the Lord.

Andy Buh has been announced as the Special Teams Coordinator for Kentucky Football next season. 

Derek Willis caused an uproar around BBN yesterday.

They got a bunny. So Bullitt County.

The Shannon the Dude Free Throw Challenge is Monday at Saint Gabriel. (In Frankfort I believe Shannon said)

Ryan is one of those guys that when their boss isn’t at work for the day they slack off, and does extra when the boss is watching. 

Shamey Shamey Ryan.

Swaggy Cal made an appearance on his call in show last night. 

Calipari threw shots at Louisville calling it Lewisville, blasted Trump by saying he’s glad we didn’t build a wall into Canada, and boasted that we play 8 on 5 sometimes directed at officiating. Get em Cal.

Tomorrow KSR will be at Cumberland Valley National Bank at 900 Beasley Street off of Winchester Road. They will be giving away Kentucky vs LSU Tickets and as mentioned above possibly taking a call from Marco Rubio. 


A few take away’s from the John Calipari Call in Show

Coach said that Skal was not the tweak.

Calipari said that Skal played so well in practice that he told Tyler Ulis that he may start Labissiere, and Ulis was on board with the thought. He also stated that he was proud of how Skal played against Florida. As are we coach!

Cal had a pretty pungent rant about confidence. 

It is obvious that confidence is a big point of emphasis from Coach Cal to the guys right now.

He stated “In my opinion Tyler (Ulis) is the player of the year nationally, but Jamal (Murray) is a top 5 pick in the draft.” 

Campaigning for his guys per usual, I like it.

Calipari called Louisville, Lewisville. 

I’m not sure what the joke here was, if it was just that he thought it was funny to mispronounce Louisville how some do. Or if there is an underlying joke I don’t know about but it was clearly meant to be some sort of dig.

He talked about the progress Jamal Murray has made since the beginning of the year. 

We all know the greatness Jamal has pulled out of his quiver the second half of the season. Cal just wanted to make sure we don’t forget, and we shouldn’t.

Coach said he probably won’t watch the tape of the Cats loss against LSU to prepare for Saturday’s rematch because of how bad we where playing then. 

WinTucky Lee was a nervous wreck speaking with Cal. 


KSR After Show 3/2/16

It’s Wednesday morning after a great road win by the Cats over Florida last night. There was a lot going on in the town of Louisville yesterday, most of which was insanely ridiculous. So let’s all listen to what Kentucky Sports Radio with Matt and the gang has to say about it all, and talk about it here afterwards.

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Kentucky takes care of Florida. 

What a great balanced win for Kentucky last night. All 5 starters finished in double figures. Tyler Ulis and Alex Poythress both had double doubles, and Skal was 2 rebounds away from one. Isiah Briscoe was 5-6 from the free throw line and Jamal Murray was still the leading scorer. It seemed like anyone that Calipari put in the game played well and contributed in some way. Kentucky hasn’t been consistently that balanced all year but if they can continue to be so, then a game in Apirl is a real possibility.

Skal only played 15 minutes and still put up good numbers. 

Maybe Cal’s tweak was something to give Skal a kick in the pants, get him and the other big men involved early, or did the fact that he dropped out of the NBA Draft Lottery give him some extra motivation possibly. I’m not sure but we can all hope it continues!

The officiating in the SEC this year is ridiculous. 

As Matt pointed out, parts of the game last night, most prominently the last 3 or 4 minutes where excruciating to watch because of the officiating and Florida’s coach playing hack-a-Kentucky. Let em play geez Louise.

If a player at Louisville has 9 dunks in a game they would retire their jersey. 


To win the SEC Kentucky needs to win Saturday against LSU, and we need Vanderbilt to beat Texas A&M. 

If Kentucky can get a win at home against Ben Simmons and LSU they will at least get a share of the SEC Regular Season Title. To win it out right the Cats need Vandy to beat Texas A&M.

Louisville gave out Championship rings, played “One Shining Moment”, and Rick Pitino was the biggest liar that ever lied last night. 

Honor your transfer Seniors who you screwed out of a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament sure. Yet my lord this is over the top and the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and Rick is the lyingest liar that ever lied. What a joke, but that’s the Louisville way.

The revelation that UK had a lead going into halftime and Jamal Murray only had 3 points is encouraging going forward. 

Especially since the Cats where also without Derek Willis in last nights game and the fact that this statement is true, it is encouraging if the balanced scoring can continue.

Skal fell to 16th out of the NBA Draft Lottery, Jamal Murray moved up to 4th. 

I personally can’t wait to listen to The Matt Jones Podcast with Tim Couch. 

If you are a registered Republican in Kentucky you can find out how and where to caucus at or call 502-875-5130 you’ll need to enter your first and last name, ZIP Code, and birthdate to find your caucus location.