KSR After Show 3/31/16

It’s the last day of March, and Kentucky Sports Radio is here to usher our favorite time of year out the door. While it is time to shake the rest of the bitterness off and move on to bigger and better things, it is a bit sad to see March go. Regardless, the KSR gang is always there for us, and they never fail to keep our minds occupied in the most ridiculous manner possible. So let’s listen in and see what’s on the docket for today, then we will continue to discuss it all here.

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On Today’s KSR:

Ryan and Shannon need to stick up for themselves with the brass.

Come on guys, you have Matt’s support and all of BBN and the KSR Family know how essential both of you are to the show. So have a little more confidence and know your worth.

Matt’s favorite time of the day is the hour before it gets dark.

We love ya Matt, but is anyone else with me that is felt like kind of an old man statement? “Eh I love a takin my walks right before dark, then I go home take ma pills get ma newspaper and do ma crosswords before bed.” I’m just kidding Matt, I know the time of day your talking about, and it is nice, especially in the spring and fall.

Someone yelled at Matt for a tree that wasn’t in his yard. 

Bradford Pear Tree

Kudzoo Tree

The Mcdonalds All-American Game was last night.

  • Bam Adebayo was a beast, he had 16 points 12 rebounds.
  • Malik Monk won the 3 point contest, but went 0-4 from three in the game.
  • DeArron Fox is a great passer.
  • Sacha Killeya-Jones is further along than we thought.

They also did this, so I offically love em all.


Derek Willis may be essential to next years team as well. 

Next year’s team with these new guys coming in is going to be super athletic, and will on most occasions be able to score at will. Yet in the event that they are being pushed out of the lane, having a bad night, or just because they are playing team ball and drive and kick. Derek Willis will be waiting on the wing and corners again next year to knock down treys just as he was this past season.

The 1966 National Championship Game between UK and Texas Western aired last night for the first time in its entirety.

It was awesome to see for awhile, but I agree with Matt that is was hard to watch after awhile.

North Carolina fans argue that you can’t punish the basketball program because their whole school is corrupt. 

Well that speaks for itself doesn’t it? these UNC fans need to shut up before they get put into the Louisville fan club.

Ohio State’s Daniel Giddens says he is looking to transfer to Kentucky.

Is Kentucky looking to bring you in though Mr. Giddens? I’m not so sure, having to sit out next year he would be a part of the 2017-18 team and Matt says that recruiting class is loaded with big men. Plus we already have several big men projects in Tai Wynyard, and Isaac Humphries. Not to mention the big guys coming in this year, so I feel like this guy is pulling a Calipari and just trying to get his name out there. Which I can’t crush the guy for, but I dont see him in Kentucky blue anytime soon.

People used to wear suits to a basketball games.

Fans of the Kentucky Wildcats show their support for their team during the game against the Louisville Cardinals on December 27, 2003 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. The Cardinals defeated the Wildcats 65-56.

A Kentucky Wildcats fan is pictured during the SEC game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Commonwealth Stadium on November 28, 2009 in Lexington, Kentucky.

You mean people didn’t always do this at games?

KSR Definitions of the day

  • Narrow Crotch Angle:  the angle measured from the trunk of a tree to the upper surface of a branch.
  • Parabola: a plane curve formed by the intersection of a right circular cone with aplane parallel to a generator of the cone; the set of points in a planethat are equidistant from a fixed line and a fixed point in the sameplane or in a parallel plane.
  • Paraboloid: a surface that can be put into a position such that its sections parallel to at least one coordinate plane are parabolas
  • Genteel: 
  1. belonging or suited to polite society.
  2. well-bred or refined; polite; elegant; stylish.
  3. affectedly or pretentiously polite, delicate, etc.

Matt’s Twitter Mentions

Andrew Shephard Thanks to @KySportsRadio I’m looking up genteel, I get it, this is a teaching episode. Trees and words on the menu today

Chris @tanookibutt @KySportsRadio nice of Brendan Dassey’s mother to call in about pear trees

Shaun Johnston I think people are forgetting just how good Briscoe is at getting to the rim. With this team coming in he can flourish. @KySportsRadio

Bucky Small Hooves @KySportsRadio That smell in the air is the Bradford Pear tree?  I figured someone cracked the windows at Minardi Hall.

Carrie Cox Does @KySportsRadio just have a face that says, “Please start a fight with me”? Sure makes for entertaining radio.

John Robic’s Hair Based on the smell, maybe Louisville should rename Manardi Hall – Bradford Pear Tree Hall @KySportsRadio @ryanlemond @ShannonTheDude

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