KSR After Show 4/4/16

Welcome to the Monday April 4th addition of the KSR After Show. On the second bummer of a Monday after the Final Four and National Championship Day in a row the last two years. KSR is here to provide us with the pep in our step that we need. So let’s listen in as Matt and the gang let us know what’s going on in the world of Kentucky Athletics. 

Don’t forget you can call or text the KSR After Show @ 775-583-7483 and let BBN know what’s on your mind. We will post all texts and voicemail’s to the website for everyone to enjoy! 

On Today’s KSR:

Last night was a great night for tv, maybe the best all year so far. 

Between The Walking Dead Season Finale, Wrestlemania, the Iheart radio music awards, and the ACMs everyone’s minds and DVRs we’re exploding trying to watch all of the good entertainment on television last night. I personally flipped back n forth from the awards shows until TWD season finale started. Then my eyes were glued to AMC until Negan bashed in my dome with Lucille. 

Oklahoma’s loss to Villanova was the worse loss by a top ten team since 1949.

Watching the Oklahoma fans in attendance at this game was depressing. I can’t believe Oklahoma was able to put on such a poop show on Saturday, was impressive to watch on the Villanova side of things. 

Ryan watched Once Upon a Time last night, Matt and Shannon watched Wrestlemania. 


Ratings 38% down from last year. 

Matt says the main reason is likely that the games are on TBS instead of CBS this year, but the Kentucky and Duke effect is a major factor as well. 

I think Ryan may be a little obsessed with Kacie McDonnell on the Villanova team stream. 


I guess I can see why now, quite a beautiful women. Although Ryan is going to start some beef with Aaron Murray for himself or Matt if he’s not careful. 



Shannon is as cold as Negan was on The Walking Dead Season Finale last night. 

Eenie meanie miney mo.. 


Thon Maker is trying to enter the draft after his 5th year of “high school”. 

Keep an eye on this because Thon and his entourage may have found a loop hole to go straight from high school/prep school to the NBA. 

The guys at the Final Four broadcast sat Cal and Jim Calhoun next to one another during the show. 

Someone was really trying to create some on air coach on coach drama, which is brilliant, but I don’t know that Cal nor Calhoun really appreciated it. 

“How can you enjoy the highs if you don’t experience the lows too.” – Uncle Matt

Big Blue Madness Day? 

I would love this, maybe not so much a parade but there are tons of other ideas that could make an all day BBM event pretty awesome. 

The special announcement was Jamal Murray entering the draft. 

Which the KSR gang let us know ahead of time that this was what the announcement would be. Watching and listening to Jamal and his dad was pretty special though. It was easy to see the bond they have and how proud they both where. Go get em Jamal! BBN will always have your back and root you on for many years to come. 

How will Jamal Murray be remembered?

Sadly Matt is most likely correct in saying that Jamal’s amazing performance this year will be overshadowed and it really shouldn’t be. Only Dan Isle had more 30 point games in UK history than what Murray did this year. He was also the highest scoring freshman in UK history. 

Who’s jerseys are you retiring from the Cal era, if you only get 4 choices? 

I’m retiring Anthony Davis, John Wall, Tyler Ulis, and because he was a part of the turning point of Kentucky Basketball with John Wall that led to getting the rest of these guys, and he will most likely be an NBA Hall of Famer, my fourth is DeMarcus Cousins. Although it’s a tough discussion and there will need to be more spots open, has to be. 

Send your condolences to Feddie Maggard BBN please, we all love ya Feddie hang in there buddy. 

The BUZZ, not a certainty, that Matt is hearing is that Briscoe is likely to return, and Marcus Lee is likely to not. 

So I’m curious if that means Marcus is likely to leave to go to the draft or transfer to another team. 

This Monday show after the Final Four last year was the worst show of all time. 

This time last year I didn’t listen to KSR for a week, and I run a website about KSR, so that should tell you something. Even if that something isn’t a good something. 

The wall of Kentucky players in the NBA in the Joe Craft Center is a major recruiting tool. 

I imagine everytime Coach Cal takes a potential recruit through there that he has to stop and tie his shoe right under all of the pictures. 

A UofL fan threatened Sacha Killeya-Jones after seeing the L’s down photo by the new incoming recruits. 

Here is an article from WDRB on the incident. What a tool, remember ladies and gents, think, read, rethink, and re-read before you Tweet. 

And the Louisville fan base thinks Matt made it up to make them look bad. 

Because Matt needs to do that…

Tomorrow KSR is live from Nutter and UK spring practice. They will be breaking down what they saw, getting us geared up for what’s to come, and possibly will have a few special guests in the form of players and coaches. Tune in at 10:00 am EST to hear all of these things and more! Remember to gather here afterwards and let your opinions be heard all across Big Blue Nation. 


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