Stats and Opinions is introducing a new Voicemail Hotline, The SO Voicemail Hotline. You can call in at anytime and voice your spirited opinions on the days topics or any other rants and ramblings that you see fit. Again The SO Voicemail Hotline will always been open to callers, but it will also be added to the new KSR Aftershow page as to take calls from anyone who couldn’t get through or simply wasn’t able to get onto Kentucky Sports Radio during their daily broadcast. If your voicemails are not to profane and post worthy they will be posted to the site for everyone to enjoy! I will also make sure to forward any interesting voicemails to Kentucky Sports Radio and who knows, while SO and the KSR Aftershow are NOT in association with KSR maybe you will get featured on the show if they like your call as well!

SO give it a shot! Call The SO Voicemail Hotline at 775-583-7483 and let your opinions be heard!

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