KSR After Show 3/30/16

On today’s Kentucky Sports Radio Matt, Ryan, and Shannon are in studio to bring us all of the information on the Cats that we have on our minds and want to discuss. It was a jam packed show with lots of great callers, fun hypotheticals, and an off beat Ryan. So let’s continue the talking points here on the KSR After Show!

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On Today’s KSR

Are you over the loss to IU already? Why was it easier this year?

After losing to Indiana, I took the rest of the weekend off from basketball, I didn’t want to see any of it. Come Monday morning during the KSR following the game I was over it already. I think it took until Jamal Murray’s decision press conference for me to completely get over the Wisconsin loss a year ago, but why? For one personally this year living in Indiana, I didn’t want Hoosier fans to have the satisfaction of knowing I was still upset about it. Then two I believe once we all saw the bracket and know what the Cats would have to do, who they would have to beat, our expectations dropped a little knowing how this team had played throughout the year. A year ago everyone thought Kentucky would go 40-0 and win the title, so it was just a lot more devastating. 

UK’s historic team last year was the second best team to not win a title. Only behind the infamous UNLV team. 

It really stinks that this is how last years team will be remembered. While true and a solid ranking, it just stinks for those guys and Coach Cal.  

Tom Crean wears mom jeans. 


Tyler Ulis became the 21st consensus 1st team All-American at Kentucky yesterday. 

Swaggy P told D’Angelo Russell that he cheated on Iggy Azalea, and Russell video taped it. Then released the video tape. 

Here is an explanation of the events from SB Nation.

Here is the actual video.

I think Matt enjoyed saying Iggy and Swaggy a little much.  

If Cal is here 5 more years but doesn’t win another title, will his tenture be considered a success?

Even if we don’t win another title, you know we are going to be there every year with a chance at one or more, and I’d assume make several more Final Fours. I’d take that all day as opposed to the opposite scenerio’s that could be reality without Cal. 

Would you rather keep Cal another 5 years, or go 40-0 last year then Cal goes to the NBA? 

Travis Ford gets the Heaf Coaching job at St. Louis. 

I’m glad he found another Head Coaching job, but I’m bummed for Travis. I always want him and his team to do well. 

The McDonald’s All-American Game is tonight. Coverage starts at 9:00pm on ESPN. 

We as fans don’t live in the moment and appreciate what we have enough, expect to much, and look forward to next year way to quickly. 


Matt breaks down what Kentucky’s team could look like next year. 

On paper it sounds awesome! Maybe special awesome again, but sticking with the let’s not get ahead of ourselves theme. Let’s take a step back, wish these kids well throughout the summer, and root them on from a far until they get on campus. Or let’s keep over analyzing every little thing and get so excited that we are let down by Decembet, it’s more fun that way anyway!

The 1966 Title Game between UK & Texas Western is being played for the first time in its entirety tonight at 7:30 on ESPN. 

Ryan quote of the day: “I can’t force it to come out of my mouth”

The Lakers need Servpro. 

Specifically DeAngelo Russell may need the disaster clean up team in his life. 

Ryan is a total negative Nancy today. 

Jim Nantz likes burnt toast, and while traveling he carries a picture of burnt toast to show waiters and waitresses at restaurants of how he wants his toast. 


Bam Adebayo is being compared to Shawn Kemp. 
Matt says we will hear this comparison a lot while Bam is here because he dunks on fools heads like Kemp used to. Kemp was a beast so let’s hope so!

Matt’s Twitter Mentions

Jeffery Pope Breaking news: Louisville confirms D’Angelo Russell is Matt Jones’ mole. @KySportsRadio
Andrew Boggs @KySportsRadio I’m doing homework in the computer lab listening to the show while Reba’s fancy is playing in the background.

Robby C. @DickieV @UKCoachCalipari @KySportsRadio . That’s gonna be one nasty back court. I’d dare to say maybe the best ever at UK.

John 230620 @KySportsRadio You should have given the guy from Korea the “Wendy’s call of the day”

John Robic’s Hair For the people saying “only titles make me happy” – they’ve been mad for 105 years & happy only 8 years @KySportsRadio @ryanlemond

Bucky Small Hooves @KySportsRadio I always figured that pic in Jim Nantz’s wallet was a Phil Simms snapchat that he screen grabbed

Dawson Rule Anyone hear me on KSR today?? I know @KySportsRadio @ryanlemond @ShannonTheDude did!

Wildcat Chris Lewis On the @IAmBam13_ Shawn Kemp talk. He has potential to be one of the best. B one of my favs next year @KySportsRadio

Thank you for joining us here on the KSR After Show! We would love to hear from all of you with your thoughts on today’s topics. Don’t forget tonight on ESPN starting at 7:30 is the 1966 NCAA Championship Game, followed by the McDonald’s All-American game that will feature several incoming Cats. Also tune in to KSR tomorrow at 10am EST and the KSR After Show here directly after the show.  Have a great day BBN! 

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