KSR After Show 3/29/16

Welcome to the Tuesday March 29th addition of Kentucky Sports Radio, and the KSR After Show! Today the guys are in Lexington to bring us a fun filled show that will include everything we need to know about Kentucky athletics and much more. They will also be joined in the second hour by our favorite Senior Alex Poythress. He will be talking about the season, his UK career, the upcoming autograph tour, and will be taking calls from BBN. So be sure to get in early if you want to talk to Alex!

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Alex Poythress #22 and Aaron Harrison #2 of the Kentucky Wildcats celebrate against the Texas Longhorns during the SEC/Big 12 Challenge at Rupp Arena on December 5, 2014 in Lexington, Kentucky. Kentucky defeated Texas 63-51.

Matt’s moral quandary: He bought a guy a pack of cigarettes at the gas station that was searching through the cigarette butt tray outside. Should he have?

Eh, I personally think this comes down to your own personal thoughts on cigarettes and smoking in general. Matt did a nice thing regardless of what he was giving to the guy, but if you dont agree with smoking at all then your going to think he shouldn’t have bought the guy a pack of cigarettes. If you dont mind either way then it’s just a nice gesture. If he would have lectured the guy, then it would have been just as bad as Coach K telling Dillon Brooks that he is better than that and shouldn’t show boat at the end of the game. Even if you do feel bad about it Matt because it was cigarettes that you gave the man. It was still a tally on the good deed side of things, and from yesterdays show we all know that we should always have our good deeds outweigh the bad.

Matt’s opinion on the Marques Bolden recruitment:

Bolden is down to UK, DUKE, and TCU. For the longest time the thought was that Kentucky was a sure thing, although yesterday all of the recruiting talking heads flipped to Duke, and Drew Franklin gave Matt some information yesterday that was convincing on the Duke side as well. The feeling is that his family wants him to go to Duke, and generally the family wins out. The Kentucky guys at the All-American game with Bolden this week have some work to do it sounds like to get Marques in Lexington alongside them next season.

Matt needs an oil change. Every time we change presidents Matt changes his oil.

Front of bright blue and yellow Mr. Lube drive thru oil change station with two small car bays and two large bays during the day.

Can Tai Wynyard play here? It was said that Humphries is FAR ahead of Wynyard.

Yeah even if Wynyard does improve over the summer, next year’s team is full of big guys with A LOT of talent. So hopefully not, obviously we dont want to push anyone out. Yet if he doesn’t get significantly better he could be one of the players that could be on the outside looking in when it comes to playing time and roster spots on the team we will likely see next season.

The ratings for the NCAA Tournament are 25% lower than last year, because the games are on TBS insteand of CBS, and because Kenutcky and Duke are no longer in the tournament. 

It’s not all on Kentucky of course, but this just further proves the wide range of Big Blue Nation and I think its awesome. Like Matt said, it does make you wonder if the NCAA Committee regrets sticking with the bracket that they ended up coming out with this year. Even if there isn’t a conspiracy within picking the tournament matchups, maybe in the future they should look at it and consider things a little further than they seemingly do.

  • Last years NCAA Tournament ratings where the highest since 1993 with undefeated Kentucky playing.

Alex Poythress joins KSR:

  • The Alex Poythress 22 Tour is filled with 20 stops and will be going everywhere around the state.
  • Things happened in the Indiana game, missed shots, free throws, missed assignments, that led to the loss.
  • This team is really close and is always together.
  • Memphis and Florida where his other 2 college choices, he felt like after Big Blue Madness that Kentucky was the place for him.
  • His sister also came to Kentucky with him.
  • Academics do matter to Alex.
  • Alex felt the love from BBN during Senior Day.
  • Aaron almost made him cry in the video on Senior Day.
  • Even when Nerlens went down in 2012-13 they still believed they could win.
  • They played to win at Robert Morris but it’s hard to get excited for an NIT game.
  • The South Carolina loss was the turning point in the 2013-14 season.
  • Louisville does matter to the players, and coaches.
  • The players can tell that Calipari wants to beat Louisville more than other teams.
  • Dakari Johnson did not want the ball in the Wisconsin game in 2013-14 at the end before Aaron hit the shot.
  • Alex does not regret coming back each year.
  • The bahamas trip was the best trip of his life. (so far)
  • He wore 22 because his dads football number was 22.
  • The National Championship game was his favorite moment.
  • The team heard about the Rex Chapman tweet AFTER the game.
  • Alex thinks Cal may retire here. (Wasn’t definitive of course)
  • The first open practice he saw Tyler Ulis play well and knew he would be good.
  • Tyler did stand up to Demarcus Cousins over a foul on Jahlil Okafor.
  • Alex felt for Isaac Humphries at the end of the Texas A&M game, but told him it was ok.
  • Coach Cal expected the best from him and knew he loved him even though he was hard on him.
  • The players always make fun of Cal in practice.
  • Alex couldnt believe Drake was in the warm up line, and shot around with them. But it was cool at the same time.
  • Alex’s favorite place to eat is Loco Taco
  • Trey Lyles was the funniest player that Alex played with.
  • Wille would be his running mate if he was running for President
  • WCS was also the most interesting person to talk to during his time at UK.
  • He recieved a degree in business marketing at Kentucky.
  • He was proud of Derek Willis this year.
  • He enjoys playing the 4 position more than any other position.
  • Alex mentioned Rudy Gay and Kahwi Leonard’s playing style as players in the NBA that he admires, but also says when you are out on the court “you just be you.”
  • He thanks Big Blue Nation for supporting him throughout his career.

Here is the Alex Poythress The 22 Tour Schedule



Matt’s Twitter Mentions (during the show)

Sam Mattox Great show from @KySportsRadio today! Gonna miss @AlexTheGreat22 big time! #BBN #RoarFor22

UKsportsPrincess @AlexTheGreat22 @KySportsRadio I knew @ remotes Matt stood up I had no idea he did in the studio TOO #TooFunny #GoodLuckAlex #WeAreUKStill

Amy Knipp @KySportsRadio wish you could get @AlexTheGreat22 to do a Shari’s Berries ad

Hannah Avocado @ryanlemond @KySportsRadio ask Alex about working at Wendy’s in high school and hating making the wraps… -Hannah Letourneau

Hannah Avocado @ryanlemond @KySportsRadio also ask about him signing our precalculus homework with his signature so I could sell it when he was famous

Joe Raley Great hearing @AlexTheGreat22 on @KySportsRadio . One of the best representatives #BBN has ever had. THANK YOU

John Ellis @KySportsRadio @AlexTheGreat22 You’re in the dictionary under Student / Athlete.

kelly jo smith Completely agree with @KySportsRadio. @AlexTheGreat22 is what basketball is and should be all about. Nothing but best wishes for you!

Linda Brown @ryanlemond I think Coach Cal first said this, but it sounds like @KySportsRadio


pizza won’t divorce you
pizza won’t betray you
pizza won’t cheat on you
pizza won’t fight with you

why don’t people just marry pizza

Ryan Lemond He’s here! @AlexTheGreat22 getting ready for @KySportsRadio https://t.co/tfcpO3naO3

@bbn#9 @KySportsRadio use your “throaty gargling voice” when you introduce Alex

J. Kyle Mann @KySportsRadio a dude at Bardstown road Kroger yelled at me for offering him food one time… some dudes just want to get drunk

StuffRyanLemondSays @ryanlemond quote of the day. “Homeless people irritate me.” @KySportsRadio @ShannonTheDude

Billy Moss @jackiesuelong @KySportsRadio @ShannonTheDude @ryanlemond Matt did you call him like, “hey smoker” ?

Bucky Small Hooves @KySportsRadio Recruiting analysts need to remember that if Bam Adeybayo tells you to go somewhere, you should probably go there

Drew Franklin @KySportsRadio When was your last oil change? I’ll hang up and listen.

Colton Covington @KySportsRadio it’s not like you bought him crack. You did the right thing

Andrew Cassady @KySportsRadio Matthew Jones 25:35 For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was feigning, and you bought me a pack of cigs

Thank you Big Blue Nation for joining KSR and here at the KSR After Show to discuss everything on the show today! I would love to hear from all of you and put your thoughts and opinions out there. If you have any comments or messages for us, KSR, and/or Alex Poythress about todays show. Call or Text the KSR After Show Hotline anytime today @ 775-583-7483 and we will post them all on the site for Matt and the gang, hopefully Alex, and all of BBN to hear or read! Have a great day BBN! Roar for 22!


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