KSR After Show 3/28/16

On a Monday after a weekend of College Basketball absent the Cats, it’s hard to stay engaged, trust me I know. Kentucky Sports Radio is here though to keep us entertained and to let us know what’s been going on all weekend with Kentucky athletics and around the nation. Let’s listen in and discuss it all here afterwards!

Remember you can CALL or TEXT The KSR After Show anytime @ 775-583-7483 and we will post any messages and voicemails for all of Big Blue Nation to enjoy and send in their replies to. 

On today’s KSR:

Matt interviews Randall Cobb for The Matt Jones podcast today. 


Alex Poythress will be on the show tomorrow at 11am. 

It’ll be awesome to hear Alex address BBN, take some calls with Matt,  and most likely find out where he will be signing autographs this summer. 

Kyle Wiltjer will be on the show Friday also at 11am.  

I think it’s great that Kyle is coming back to the Bluegrass to do an autograph tour, Kyle will always be a part of BBN and fans love him and will show up, so that’ll be pretty awesome. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say on KSR Friday. 

The Kentucky women blew a big chance on Friday. 

How the women’s tournament unfolded the lady hoops team would have had the easiest run to the Final Four and/or Championship game that they could have even ever wished for. Their route would have included Washington, Stanford, and Syracuse all played in Lexington. Unfortunately the girls and Coach Mitchell couldn’t get it done against Washington. 

The Men’s Final Four is set. 

Oklahoma vs Villanova 


UNC vs Syracuse 

What a boring, crappy Final Four, to me anyway, and unless Buddy Hield goes bananas UNC will likely run away with the title. 

The Syracuse vs UNC Final Four game will be the academic scandal game. 

No school books needed here. 

Sounds like Matt was at an interesting gala this weekend. 

UK Men’s baseball team beat Florida the #1 team in the country, 2 out of 3 games in their series this weekend. 

The Men’s baseball team has beaten the #1 team in the country for three straight years now. 

Let’s hope that the baseball teams recent success will continue throughout the summer.

Coach Cal was at the Indiana State Championship to watch Romeo Langford. 

Langford still has two years of high school left, but apparently he is gaining interest from all of the big schools and Coach Cal is already hot on the trail hoping to get Romeo to Lexington. 

What happens at 21 C stays at 21 C. 

Kevin Stallings is out at Vanderbilt, in at Pitt. Will Wade at VCU is being thrown around as a replacement 

Calipari is now the second longest tenture coach in the SEC at 7 years behind Andy Kennedy. 

Well, hopefully before to long Cal with be here long enough to top that list. 

“A rule without a punishment is not a rule.” – Uncle Matt

Rick Stansberry was hired as the head football coach at Western Kentucky.

“If your good enough your big enough.”

Kentucky football got a huge commitment this weekend from Javonte Richardson. 

He is the second highest recruit UK has ever been able to get out of state. Ranked 84 in America. Ranked 2 in Ohio. Is an Elite WR. Michigan and Michigan St are also recruiting him and too keep Richardson we will likely have to fend of many big time schools including Ohio State. 

Coach K admitted that he lied. He did call out Dillon Brooks for taking the 3 at the end of their game. 

Liar liar pants on fire. 

“We are all filled with a collection of good and bad deeds.”


“Let your good deeds outweigh the bad.” 

Servpro can cleanup your water, sewer, and press conference damage.

Not really, but it was rather funny. 

The McDonald’s All American game that a lot of incoming UK players will be playing in is Wednesday. 

Here is a link to the McDonald’s All-American site that has all of the information you need to watch the soon to be Cats. 
“You gotta get the meat.”

12 Most Believed Superstitions


12. Walking under a ladder is bad luck. 

11. A black cat crossing in front front of you is bad luck. 

10. Breaking a wishbone.

9. Saying bless you when someone sneezes. 

8. Crossing your fingers.

7. Finding a penny heads up.

6. Don’t open an umbrella inside.

5. Bad news comes in threes

4. Four leaf clover

3. Breaking a mirror, 7 years bad luck. 

2. Wishing upon a star

1. Knocking on wood. 

Ryanism of the day: Another superstitious…

Ty, the Romeo Langford caller called back. 

After his Sunday Easter church service Ty chose to forgive Matt and KSR for causing him a little grief over his Romeo Langford call awhile back, when he was actually correct the whole time. What a wonderful sunshiny moment. 

Again, tomorrow Alex Poythress will be on KSR in the second hour. Roar for 22! Tune in at 10am EST so you are sure not to miss it! Have a great day BBN and give us a shout on the KSR After Show Hotline throughout the day today to share your thoughts @ 775-583-7483

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