Big Blue Nation Member Profile: What’s Your Story?

What kind of Kentucky fan are you? Have you been a lifelong fan? Where you converted at some point and for some reason in your life? Or have you only recently considered yourself a part of BBN? Why are all thing Kentucky important to you? What’s your story and answer to these questions? I, and I believe the rest of Big Blue Nation would love to know how you became and will always continue to be a part of the BBN and KSR family. Maybe you are regular KSR caller Harold, or Chester, possibly John Short? Are you “Bucky Small Hooves” or “John Robic’s Hair”or “Fake Barney” on Twitter? I would love to hear from any of you, even if your not a regular participate in the discussions on Kentucky Sports Radio. If you have an interesting story at all involving Kentucky athletics or KSR, I would like to do a profile on your story and allow myself and the rest of BBN to get to know you. 

So if you do play an active roll within Big Blue Nation and the KSR family, and are willing to share your story, email me at:

I look forward to speaking with all of you and getting your story out there for everyone to enjoy! Thank you in advance to any of you that decide to reach out, I will personally respond to all emails. Thanks BBN! 


About C.W.

Sports and Music Enthusiast; Kentucky Athletics Fan; Aspiring Entrepreneur; Web Developer; Chef (In my own and sometimes my loved ones minds); Writer/Blogger

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