KSR After Show 3/24/16

Man it feels like it’s been a month now since the Cats played Stony Brook in the NCAA Tournament. It’s Thursday morning and it’s only been 7 days since facing the Seawolves. We have games starting back up again tonight, and it’s just a bummer. Yet Matt and KSR are here to help us forget about the fact that Kentucky won’t be playing this weekend. If you paid any attention to KSR last night then you know there’s plenty to talk about today, and I’m pretty sure Matt is fired up about it so it should be a good show!

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On Today’s KSR:

Coach Cal announced that every player on the team will declare for the draft. 


Swaggy Cal at his best being the innovator that he is and paving the way for the rest of the nation. Doing this gets Kentucky back in the news after losing to Indiana. It’s another recruiting tool helping completely shed any remaining platoon reminence. He can tell these kids “see we allow everyone to declare, every year”. Then also as Matt points out, now players that want to go to the NBA but don’t get the news they want from teams like Isaiah Briscoe and Marcus Lee will be able to come back with the rest of the guys that obviously are coming back, and save them some embarrassment of individually coming back. Cal is a damn genius and marketing guru.

Captain Suntan is being sued for blatantly calling out a random guy on the radio for being the mole giving Matt info on UofL. The guy, Scott Jennings who Matt does not know is suing the radio station, Captain Suntan, and Mike Rutherford. 

This is hilarious and just continues to show the incompetency surrounding that program. Many updates to come!

Bangs and Matty Bangs!

Sounds like the title to a new, New Jersey reality show.

“Worry about your Bologna hair!”

Along with Matty Bangs, this should be put on a t-shirt. Get on it Jared Lorenzen.

Katina Powell and STD are now Facebook friends. 

She searched for The Dude and friend requested him. Like Shannon said she must have heard about his booty shaking contest. Trying to supplement her income I’m sure.

Katt Williams got choked out by a 15 year old kid. 

Here is an article from TMZ explaining what went down.

Technically UNC didn’t violate an NCAA rule, but because it’s so bad they are going to reprimand them anyway. That’s why it’s taking so long. 

Matt has said in the past that if UNC makes it to the Final Four that there will be more attention brought on what’s going on at UNC. So maybe we will learn more soon.


  • Is finally over the IU loss.  
  • He didn’t like the 16 turnovers though.
  • Everyone better wake up and smell the roses and quit bashing Cal! 
  • He’s all over Facebook. 

Tom Crean asked the NCAA after beating Kentucky to go to the Sweet 16 if they could cut down the nets…as Kansas and UConn where warming up for their game that was about to begin. 

This is the most absurd and so Tom Crean and Indiana thing to do. While I do believe Matt and his source, I wish they would have let them do it just so we would have solid hilarious video proof.

Sometimes people just don’t understand the decision these kids are trying to make. 

For one, to those of you that seem to not know. The rule has changed and the players now are allowed to declare for the draft and come back as many times as they want! It no longer means that because they declare that they can’t return to the team. So guys please stop it, BBN looks very ignorant when some of you go off on these uninformed tangents. Two, none of you know what’s going on in these kids lives, what their dreams are, or what’s best for them so please stop pretending like you do. Yes voice your opinion freely, but don’t belittle these kids or coaches that only have their best interests in mind.

If the new draft rule in place this year was in place last year, Dakari Johnson would have probably been on this years team. 

If Katina Powell messages Shannon on FB and wants to come watch Fuller House with him, would he do it? 

Shannon says he would, would you?

Chris Stapleton is having a free concert at Johnson County High School. 

The Kentucky Football spring game is being televised on the SEC Network this year. 

The blue/white game will start at noon, April 16th, on the SEC Network.

Evan was a logical Indiana fan. 

In Concord NC a man was arrested for not returning a Freddie got Fingered VHS tape 16 years ago to a Blockbuster Video that doesn’t exsist. 

Uh oh, you know all of our minds just went bananas trying to figure out what we failed to return to Blockbuster or anywhere else. Matt admitted that he still has Species 2.

Tom Crean and Calipari apparently had a falling out over Trey Lyles, but now they’re back on good terms. 

Tai Wynyard and Isaac Humphries are to young to enter the draft, so they are the only two players that will not declare. 

Whaaaat? That’s a bummer, Matt says Batman v Superman is getting terrible reviews. 

I was so excited about this movie, hopefully it’s just a bunch of DC haters and it really is good. This just bums me out.

Tune in to KSR tomorrow at 10am EST where the gang will be at the practice facility on the UK campus and will have some special guests. 

Have a great day BBN! Bangs! Bangs! 


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