KSR After Show 3/23/16

Hey BBN you’ve made it to the Wednesday 3/23/16 addition of the KSR After Show. Today we’ll give you all of the discussions that the Kentucky Sports Radio crew talked about on the show today so we can keep the chatter going here. We want to know what you are thinking about, mad about, sad about. Let it all out here rather than to that guy next to you at work who really isn’t listening. 

You can CALL or TEXT The KSR After Show @ 775-583-7483 and leave your voicemails and texts to get them posted to the KSR After Show for all of BBN to enjoy. 

On Today’s Show:

STD’s are approved at Louisville. 

Shannon the Dudes that is. 

Today’s Ryanism: Good welcomes.

Go zags and Aggies 

I think a lot of BBN is rooting for Gonzaga going forward, maybe A&M too but all year I’ve wanted success for Wiltjer and have now completely jumped on the Zags bandwagon. 

Dan Dakich is trolling hard still. 

He can’t find enough time on his radio show to talk about Indiana beating Kentucky, his ridiculous notion that Yogi Ferrell is better than Tyler Ulis, and uses the rest of the time to make fun of Matt and all of Kentucky. I propose that from 12-3pm we all call and tweet his show non stop and do our best to sabotage his broadcast.  

Listening to ignorant people is worse than actually losing the game. 

I completely agree, I live 20 minutes east of Indianapolis so this statement is 10 times more prevalent for me. I’ve gotten a hundred “Hoosier Daddy?”s in the last week and that gets old rather quickly.

Robic says, this is the summer for Tai Wynyard and Isaac Humphries to get better and contribute next season. 

There will be SO many forwards on the Kentucky roster next year. Even without Bolden, whom it does seem like UK is going to have as well. These two guys are going to have to work their tails off this summer and get significantly better before they will be able to take any minutes away from the highly skilled guys that are coming in. Like Matt said Wynyard is the biggest mystery and we really have no idea where he will fall into place with this group. 

The last couple weeks at UofL the consensus is that the hammer is still coming down. 

After the self imposed post season ban, everyone in Louisville thought that’d be the end of it, but now the general consensus is that the hammer is still coming and could be heavy. 


Hahahahaha! John Short is a snooooozing! 

Man I love this show haha

John Short won’t get wild on nobody. 

There are 25 5 star recruits coming to play college basketball next year. 

I believe Matt said the norm is 7-9 each year, so 25 is just insane. 

The NBA Draft is pretty weak and Jamal Murray can go as high as 4th. 

Which means there is a good chance that Murray ends up being drafted by the Kings or the Pelicans and obviously either option would be awesome. 

Isaiah Briscoe thoughts:

Matt says there is probably no one on Kentucky’s roster that wants to go to the NBA more than Briscoe. Although points out that he wouldn’t take him because he is either a PG or SG that plays pretty good defense but can’t shoot 3’s or 2’s that well either, and is terrible at the free throw line. Those attributes are obviously  not what teams are looking for in the league. I bet Briscoe will still give it hell trying to prove himself this summer though. 

Darren Henshaw said he had to change all of the QBs foot work and mechanics because they had been taught completely wrong. 

I don’t know Henshaw or Eddie Gran from Adam and don’t know why but for some reason I trust these guys already and love that they’re not afraid to take some shots like this. 

KSR has inspirational signs all over the studio now. 

“Don’t get in Facebook wars with prostitutes.” -Uncle Matt

Matt totally just said Katina Powell has got the goods. Haha. 

That may be a little out of context but I had to do it because I’m a 10 year old. 

What is your favorite Cal era win?

For me it’s really that 3 game stretch of Aaron Harrison magic in the Tourny with the 2014 team. Although a lot of games can give those moments a run for their money, including at South Carolina this year. 

Friday KSR will be doing the show live from the practice facility at UK. They will have Women’s Hoops Coach Matthew Mitchell and hopefully someone from the men’s side as well on the show. Tune in tomorrow and Friday at 10am EST to get your Kentucky fix. 

Have a great day BBN, thank you for checking out today’s KSR After Show! 

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