KSR After Show 3/22/16

Kentucky Sports Radio is at Salsa Rita’s in Louisville today for Kentucky Taco Tuesday. They’ll continue to try their best to break down this year’s Kentucky Basketball season and let us all know what happened and why. None of us want the season to be over right now, but what else can we do now? We can discuss it, try to understand it and get past it all, thank these players and coaches and get geared up for everything to come involving the University of Kentucky this summer. So let’s listen in as Matt and the gang drop some knowledge on all of us while stuffing tacos and chips n salsa in their faces.

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Cheerleaders for the Kentucky Wildcats stand for the performance of the National Anthem against the Mississippi State Bulldogs during the final of the SEC Men's Basketball Tournament at the Bridgestone Arena on March 14, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee.

How do we look back on this Kentucky Basketball season as a whole? A Failure? Or that we got everything we could out of this team and it was a great coaching job by Calipari.

Matt says that is was a good year that wasn’t a failure, but not a great year. Me, I just feel like we had a normal year. Not Kentucky normal, but a normal college basketball season with bad losses, great wins, inconsistent play most likely because of inexperience, that ended with having a bad shooting night for a shooting team (other than Ulis) in the tournament. While I do also think it was a great coaching job by Cal, maybe his best. Simple as this, we had two guys in Ulis and Murray that had to show up in every game and that’s a difficult task to ask of any young kid and sometimes it doesn’t work out. Skal not being the offensive Nerlens 2.0, and having mostly poor frontcourt contributions all year, where the differences in getting the team that we got this year rather than potential greatness again.

Going all in on the one and done system gives a coach little room for error.

You take your chances with the freshman players that you recruit producing immediately, and if that doesn’t happen just like it didn’t with Skal this year. Then your fate as a team is basically in the hands of those players turning it around, or plugging and playing who you can and hoping one or more unexpectedly step up. Much like Derek Willis did this year, which turned this roster into a completely different team, but because of injury and again inconsistent play he wasn’t able to show up in every game including Indiana as well. So you just have to take what you can get and go with it on any given night. Although like Matt stated, 2 years out of 7 where in the other 5 The Cats ended the season in either an Elite 8 appearance, Final Four appearances, and a National Championship is worth the risk and the way to go.

Ryan is sad for Tyler Ulis.

Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray really did deserve a lot more than an early exit in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. They played their hearts out all season.

By the end of the year where the Cats one of the 7 best teams in the country?

Yes, and it was obvious when Tyler and Jamal where “On” and we got anything out of a couple of the big guys they were definitely in the top 7, but when one of these factors weren’t there for the Cats they looked like a team outside of the top 25.

This team was better than the 2014 team. The 2014 team just got hot and made a run in the NCAA Tournament.  

Last summer we all thought Mykal Mulder would start in front of Briscoe and be a solid knock down shooter.

Mulder made 4 shots and 2 free throws all year. Derek Willis emerged into the roll that everyone thought Mulder would be in, but it still wasn’t enough to make up for the deficiencies down low.

Is the Ulis and Murray combination the best backcourt combination in UK history?

KSR will start player interviews next week on the show.

The UK Women beat Oklahoma to go to the Sweet 16 last night. 

They are still playing in Lexington and have a really good chance to make the Final Four this year, get your butts out to root on our women’s team BBN and help Coach Mitchell will these girls all the way to the finals!

The Cats where ranked 57th in defense this year, and ended the season as 1st on offense.

This team showed flashes of playing good defense this year, but really against not good teams. Like Stony Brook, where they broke the UK and national single tournament game block record. On the season as a whole though this Kentucky team was the worst defensive team of the Cal era.

Ulis, Briscoe, and Hawkins where the only good defenders on this year’s team. 

Twill has really long nasty fingernails, and made a 32 minute video reply to Katina Powell. 

  • May 25th is the new deadline to declare for the draft
  • May 18th is the end of the spring signing period. 

What is more disappointing a second round loss in the NCAA Tournament, or not making a bowl game in football? 

We had three really bad losses this year.

  • Ohio State
  • Auburn
  • Tennessee

Calipari is NOT going to play zone, give it up people, please. 

Next year’s basketball schedule has some powerhouse games on it. 

  • Louisville at Louisville
  • Michigan St. at the Champions Classic
  • UNC in Las Vegas
  • At Arizona St
  • UCLA at Rupp Arena
  • Kansas at Rupp Arena

Yogi Ferrell’s Mom posted a PHOTOSHOPPED picture of Tyler Ulis on her twitter account flipping off the crowd at Auburn with the caption “Who is classy now?”

Apparently she took it down and set her twitter page to private now, but how is this at all classy for a parent to do trying to degrade a kid around the same age as her own son that gave his heart to this Kentucky team? Just incredible, and shows some of the character surrounding the Indiana Basketball program.

De’Aaron Fox, Malik Monk, and Bam Adebayo will for sure start next year.

With this discussion, I thought it’d be fun to put out a completely wrong early early prediction of the roster and starting lineup for next years team.


  1. De’Aaron Fox 6’3 G Freshman
  2. Malik Monk 6’4 G Freshman
  3. Wenyen Gabriel F 6’9 Freshman
  4. Bam Adebayo 6’9 F Freshman
  5. Marques Bolden 6’10 F/C Freshman


  1. Isaiah Briscoe 6’3 G Sophmore
  2. Derek Willis 6’9 F Senior
  3. Dominique Hawkins 6’0 G Senior
  4. Marcus Lee 6’9 F Senior
  5. Sacha Killeya-Jones 6’10 F Freshman
  6. Isaac Humphries 7’0 F/C Sophmore
  7. Tai Wynyard 6’10 F Sophmore
  8. Mychal Mulder 6’4 G Senior
  9. Jonny David 6’2 G Sophmore
  10. Brad Calipari G Freshman

*Unfortunately Charles Matthews will be the odd man out. His defense and hustle improved throughout the season but because of his poor shooting he will be the one to make the tough decision to transfer as he won’t have a place on this team.

*I think this 5 starting freshman is the way you have to go because of the lack of quality guards on this team. The Tyler Ulis rumors that he may come back should be welcomed by everyone in Big Blue Nation. While the recruiting class as a whole is amazing and while Fox and Monk will be fantastic the drop off in guard play will be significant next year. Thats why I have Isaiah Briscoe coming off the bench because if not, the only true point guard we will have coming off the bench that will play quality minutes is Dominique Hawkins.

Anthony Davis is out for the season and has had a torn labrum for the past three years.

Ouch, let’s all hope he gets back to 100% and becomes the superstar we all know that Anthony will be.

Tune in to KSR tomorrow at 10am EST to continue the talk on these topics and many more. We’ve all got to take it one day at a time to get past the gut punch that we took last week, and KSR is here to help. Everyone have a great Taco Tuesday!



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