KSR After Show 3/21/16

Well shoot, this is difficult and all I do is talk about what another show talks about. It’s time though, I don’t know about most of you but after 7:30pm on Saturday I took the next 24 hours off from basketball and gave myself time to reflect and appreciate being a part of BBN. While I missed some good NCAA Tournament games, I think it helped. I don’t feel as sour today as I normally would, and possibly should. So let’s all collect ourselves and tune in to Kentucky Sports Radio. Where uncle Matt and the guys will surely give us the complete perspective that we all need and help us understand what happened, and where we go from here. 

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On today’s KSR:

Sigh..that’s really all we can do today. 

Saturday’s loss is a really tough loss to take just as any lose in the Tournament is. Compounded by the fact that it’s to an Indiana team whom have the most obnoxious and dislikeable fans in the country. Only comparable to Duke, Louisville, and some would say UK fans. Yet we will rigorously fend them off and move right along, because in the bigger picture Kentucky is still the gold standard and Indiana is still Indiana. 

The emotions in the locker room by the players was overwhelming. 

I tried watching the video of Jamal Murray in the locker room after the game that KSR posted, but I couldn’t. So I won’t post it here either.  Knowing that all of these great guys are heartbroken whether they are one and done players or not is sobering to watch but it does give me enormous pride to be a part of something that means so much to these guys. Even if it is something as minuscule as being a fan. 

Matt won’t blame the committee for this loss. 

Says that he would if UK would have beaten IU and then lost to UNC. Which makes since because we could have and should have beaten Indiana. We can’t fault anyone else but Kentucky’s poor play for not being in the Sweet 16. I totally agree, no one really showed up besides Tyler Ulis, and Dominque Hawkins. Skal while not consistent wasn’t terrible either. 

Matt believes we would have lost to UNC next weekend anyway. 

I’m not so certain in that statement, it would have been a tough matchup. Although I do believe if the Cats played how they had several times this year that we could have knocked off the Tar Heels. 

Matt has never watched a Sportscenter broadcast after a Kentucky loss. 

Former Kentucky players from 5 different teams sat together cheering for the Cats and all went into the post game locker room to comfort and calm the current players. 

Very cool, which doesn’t happen at every University, and didn’t used to happen here. 

This was not a Cal team. 

Coach Cal is normally not trying to construct a team like we had this year. We had jump shooters relying on having their shots fall consistently. We had no solid frontcourt presence, in part because Skal’s contributions where over estimated and the ups and downs of the rest of the big guys all year individually where to unpredictable. The coaching job Calipari did to get this team to where it was, was nothing short of incredible. 

Calipari thought he had an offensive Nerlens Noel in Skal. 

And as we fully know that is not even remotely similar to what he got. No matter how much we love the kid. 

Oh here we go, the first Indiana caller Fred thinking IU is back on the map. 

Wrong. You’ll have to do more than beat an achieving, but under achieving in most eyes of unrelenting fans, Kentucky team in the second round of the NCAA Tournament to get back to mattering. Maybe it’s a first small step, but maybe not, and good luck on Thursday where you’ll likely go back to Bloomington without a Sweet 16 victory and it’ll all be for nothing. Other than maybe helping keep Tom Crean creeping on your sidelines for another year. 

No baby oil. 


Michigan State losing was the biggest upset of the year. 

I still can’t believe it. That is the magic of March though and why we love it. 

Kentucky doesn’t have a Lehigh or Mercer. 

Knock on hardwood. 

Kentucky didn’t lose because of officiating. 

Again it’s on the Cats, everyone besides Tyler Ulis and Dominque Hawkins played pretty terrible, Skal also gave UK a little something, but it obviously wasn’t enough. 

UK finished the year with the number 1 offense. 

But really didn’t look like it often throughout the season and for sure not on Saturday against Indiana. 

Jamal Murray didn’t shoot well either game. 

He was 1-9 from three against Indiana. The most prolific scorer in the Cal era unfortunately didn’t show up in the NCAA Tournament. We still appreciate you though Jamal, thank you!

Since the Tourny went to 64 teams Kentucky has never lost in the first round as a 1-6 seed. 

While the rest of the historically great teams have, some more than once. Again knock on hardwood. 

If Dakari Johnson was on this team it would have been a completely different team. 

Don’t even want to think about it, but a big guy like Dakari was apparently lacking on this roster. Even a non basketball Benny could see that. 

There are some Kentucky fans that swear Tyler Ulis is coming back next year. 

Man that pulls at my selfish heart strings. You would be off your damn rocker if you wouldn’t welcome Tyler back with open arms. Although for his sake he has got to go to the NBA, right? He had an amazing year, and I’m not saying he couldn’t do it again. I fully believe he could, but weighing the risk reward it’s hard to see that coming back is truly in his best interest. Gah, that’d be so awesome though, and we would then need to build him a statue. Immediately. 

Apparently what’s going on at Western Kentucky is absolutely terrible, but none of us know what’s going on yet. 

Sounds like this is going to be a huge unfortunate scandal when it breaks. 

We won’t know the complete roster for a long time this coming season. 

Because of the new rule allowing all players to declare for the draft and decide to come back as much as they want, will prove to be a great thing for all players. Yet will possibly hinder recruitment because we won’t know who is staying and who is going until the last minute. I support this rule though, it was totally unfair to those kids that had to within a week make the biggest decision of their lives. Plus Cal is a master recruiter and will figure it out. 

It is a possibility that Marcus Lee could graduate this summer and be a graduate transfer somewhere. 

That’s a touchy subject but I think even with the talent coming in he will still have a place on this team. 

An early look into next year. 

Coach Cal has been saying next year could be his best recruiting class ever, even knowing the pressure that puts on the players and himself. He is confident in himself saying so. That should keep us all excited for next year throughout the summer. 

Where would Briscoe play on this team next year? 

I feel like even in the lose against IU that quietly, I even failed to mention him above, Briscoe’s play was solid. He gave great effort and played some lockdown defense, shot a couple surprisingly fluid jump shots, and made free throws. Even if it’s defensively I think he’d have a role in next years team. 

Steve’s call was a flippin awesome call, high five Steve. 

A bouncer in Des Moines got bounced. 

UK women play Oklahoma tonight for a chance to go to the sweet 16. 

Katina Powell and Terrence Jones had an interesting interaction on Facebook. 



Scoop Lemond is on the beat again. 

Dunbar High School won their first State Title this weekend. 

If Kentucky would have been switched with Texas A&M in the bracket, as they arguably should have been. We would have played Green Bay and UNI in the first two rounds. 

Again we can’t blame the committee but this is interesting to consider. 

Do we still really want either of the Miller brothers if/when Calipari leaves. 

I don’t want to think about that, I want the Cal era to continue for a long long time. But I’m a no, I don’t want Sean or Archie Miller anymore. 

Tomorrow KSR is at Salsa Rita’a off Shelbyville Rd. Tune in at 10am EST to hear the latest UK recruiting news, what’s going on with Kentucky football, and continue to move past what was a great basketball season but disappointing  early exit from the NCAA Tournament. 

And remember, it could be worse, you could be a Louisville fan…


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