To Big Blue Nation…

Head Coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats shouts downcourt against the Tennessee Volunteers in a game at Thompson-Boling Arena on February 2, 2016 in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Scream it from the roof tops, wear it proud on your sleeve, but don’t you be petulant Blue Blue Nation.  Don’t you do that to this team, this program, and yourselves. This team that gave you it’s heart and soul, our coach that gave this team the knowledge and strength to want to be better, for themselves and our own selfish desires. To you, the ones that held true-blue all season long. Those that never wavered, never doubted, those of you that where strong through it all and till the very end. Don’t you prove to Indiana and all of the other deterrents that you (we) are who they thought we where. A glass half empty individual whom also spouts that their drink was poisoned has no place here. Remember who we are, who we are supposed to be, and why we do this. Why we care so much, and why this fan base is the greatest on Earth. A gold watch never tarnishes, a diamond will not shatter, and the gold standard should never falter.

If you are not proud of this team, can’t let go of any mistakes that were made, whether in house or not. Then you take this game way to seriously and need to examine the real reasoning behind your displeasure. This is a time for reflection on the incredible season as a whole regardless of the pitfalls, and the time to thank all of the players and any coaches, assistants, staff members and all of their families. Without them and all of their hard work and dedication Big Blue Nation would not be what it is. So please, let all of your grievances, objections, and injustices go and let’s not live up to everyone’s presumptions of our tendencies.

I’m not sure if I’m alone here, but yes even compared to last years historical team. To me there was just something about this team. The devastation of the only lose last year was overwhelming for all of us, but knowing that yesterday was the last time I will see this team the way it was constructed this year really hurts. It stings knowing that Tyler Ulis with his somewhat subtle but irrepressible exsistance as the leader of this team will no longer be a crutch that we can all count on every game. The severity of knowing that Jamal Murray wont be fighting through screens and piercing the nets with his arrows next year, that we all took for granted, is harrowing. Visualizing a Kentucky team without Alex Poythress, his strength and dexterity after having the comfort of knowing he is there for the last four years is unbecoming. I loved this team, and these guys, like I knew them and I did not. Which being a part of Big Blue Nation is just the norm, but there was something different for me this year. Even during the downs, I loved this team. I dont want to see any of them go, whether it be to the NBA, graduation, or God for bid anything else. Thank you to all of you guys, if you’ll be a part of this team next year or not. Thank you for the effort throughout all of the amazing games you gave all of us to entertain our insane fandom. Thank you for caring as much as we do. Thank you for being first class honorable men whom we should all look up to and strive to be in our own lives. Big Blue Nation take what they gave us and admire it forever, not self-servingly dwell on what they didn’t and who wronged us along the way. That’s the cowardly way of rooting for a team and should not be accepted by anyone who says they are a part of the Gold Standard in College Basketball. I have a section of my blog called the KSR After Show and I haven’t been able to listen to any post game shows, read anything on theirs or anyones website, and hardly pay attention to any other NCAA Tournament games since 7:30pm yesterday, but for good reason. It gave me time to properly manifest my own thoughts and do my best not to take anything for granted. So I ask all of you to do the same, show our players, coaches and everyone involved in the program we all love the greatest respect, and remember who we are.

We Are Kentucky.

Cheerleaders and fans of the Kentucky Wildcats support their team during the game against the Kansas Jayhawks on January 9, 2005 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Kansas defeated Kentucky 65-59. The 24,367 in attendance was the second largest crowd in arena history.



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