KSR After Show 3/18/16

“It’s Friday, ain’t got no job, ain’t got nuttin to do, I’ma get you high.” On some Kentucky Basketball, and Kentucky Sports Radio. Ah, who am I kidding if your not already fired up about the win last night and the matchup with Indiana tomorrow then you don’t have a pulse. None the less KSR is still in Des Moines, Iowa after a great opening round win by the Cats last night. On today’s show Matt and company will break down the terrible first half shooting by Kentucky, and how they eventually came together with staggering defense to take down Stony Brook. Looking forward, of course all of the talk is going to be about the Cats second round game against the Big Ten Champs Indiana tomorrow. So let’s listen in to KSR and hear what Matt and the guys (and Kaylee Hartung I believe) have to say about Kentucky’s chances and what’s to come in the NCAA Tournament. 

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On today’s show:

We over hyped the Seawolves. 

To me Stony Brook looked like a glorified high school team with a decent D1 big man last night. The Seawolves and Warney where way over hyped, but these things happen and we will move right along because it doesn’t matter anymore. 

Indiana played well against Chattanooga and shot 65% from the field.

Yeah, let’s hope the Cats got all of their shooting woes out in the first half last night and that the swarming defense will continue. We will be playing an Indiana team tomorrow who have found their stroke and show no signs of letting up. 

Jim Nantz said in his 30 years of broadcasting he’s never seen a better 2nd round matchup. 

It really is crazy that the Big Ten Champs and the SEC Champs will meet in the second round tomorrow. Although again, we gotta play the games so let’s go get it done boys!

Marcus Lee told UK fans to get in their cars and come to Iowa. 

Indiana will have the crowd. 

Unless BBN shows up in droves either today or tomorrow, the majority of the fans in the crowd will be Kansas and Indiana fans unfortunately. 

Kentucky has been a better program than Indiana for 30 years. 

True statement by Matthew, and win or lose tomorrow that won’t change. Let’s just all hope the Cats can get the win so we don’t have to listen to obnoxious IU fans. 

Indiana is the Falconcrest of College Basketball.


Sean Miller looked like he jumped in a swimming pool last night. 

And for good reason because they got beat down by Wichita St. 


Apparently UNC fans don’t want to play Kentucky. 

Good, stay worried Tar Heel fans, we’re coming for you. 

Ryan almost got the KSR crew kicked out of the Marriott last night. 

Coach cal said Jamal Murray had probably never even watched an NCAA Tournament game on TV before playing in one last night.

Being from Canada, it’s hard being  a college basketball fan in America to see this, apparently Jamal Murray hadn’t ever watched the NCAA Tournament. 

“Oh, me so Warney.”



Matt went off on an Indiana fan on the postgame show last night. 

And it was awesome. That caller couldn’t wait to say he was at the Wofford game. 

Harold is now on a t-shirt shooting his bow n arrow. 

I really need that shirt. Think he said it’s Kennedy’s Wildcat Den that made it. 

Briscoe had a double double last night. 

Tyler Ulis broke John Walls single season assist record last night. 


Alex Poythress has 960 points in his UK career. 

Obviously 40 points away from 1000. We need him to have a big game against Indiana, most likely UNC in the sweet 16, and in the elite 8 to get him there or close to it. 

Jamal Murray became the 7th wildcat to score 700 points in a season. He has also passed Tony Delk for consecutive games with at least 1 three. 

Kentucky can break UNLVs consecutive games with at least 1 three pointer by hitting one tomorrow.

Kaylee Hartung is joining the guys Live in Des Moines to talk about the Tournament. 

And Matt may have just pee’d a little. Notice that Matt fumbled and stumbled through a Sleep Outfitters ad then said, “the lovely Kaylee Hartung just sat down here with us” Just ask her to go to Zombie Burger with you Matt! 

  • Kaylee credits last years Kentucky team for helping boost her career. 
  • Says there is a big gap between UK basketball fans and Alabama football fans. With UK at the top of course. 
  • Kaylee has been skydiving 4 times. 
  • Her dad was an acrobatic pilot. 
  • She wants to jump out of an airplane into an arena on ESPN for a game. 
  • Says the Ulis/Yogi matchup will be the best PG matchup of the Tourny. 
  • The UK/IU game will be all she’s talking about on Sportscenter tomorrow.
  • She gets asked about Matt having a crush on her constantly by BBN.  
  • Oooo and she’s flattered, Oooo la la. Ha ha.  
  • Matt quickly changes the subject back to the game. 
  • Kaylee picks Kentucky in the game tomorrow, and somewhat admits to maybe becoming a  bit of a UK homer. 
  • She technically doesn’t have a home. Matty has a free room I’m sure.  
  • Her family lives in Baton Rouge. 
  • Matt wants her to move to Lexington. 

Ryan and Drew are giving Matt hell for that gitty interview with Kaylee, as they should. 

Amanda Lemond is mad at Matt for making fun of Ryan for calling her 11 times in a day making her look like a crazy wife, and for not keeping Ryan in line while they’re in Iowa. 

Drew is wearing underwear. 

Tomorrow the KSR Pregame Show starts at 2:30pm EST to get us ready for the big game against Indiana

Kentucky vs Indiana 5:15pm EST tomorrow March 19th in Des Moines, Iowa for the second round of the NCAA Tournament. 


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