KSR After Show, St. Patricks Day Addition. 3/17/16

The 2016 NCAA Tournament has arrived and it’s game day for Kentucky! Tonight the Cats play the Seawolves of Stony Brook at 9:40EST. Kentucky Sports Radio has arrived in Des Moines, Iowa to bring us all the coverage of our boys in blue that we can handle going up until and after game time. So let’s listen in and see what plans Matt and the gang have in store for us today, and what we can look forward to throughout the day with the Cats and the rest of the NCAA Tournament.

Remember to CALL or TEXT The KSR After Show Hotline @ 775-583-7483 with any of your own thoughts, predictions, or anything else you would like to get out there to the masses. We’ll post any messages on the website for everyone to enjoy and send in their replies to. GO CATS!!


On Today’s Show:

It’s going to be a long day for KSR and Kentucky/KSR fans.

We all know the game doesn’t start until 9:40 today, so we are looking at a close to midnight ending to the game and a 1:00am KSR post game show.

BBN as we know always travels well, but sadly there are only a few Kentucky fans in Des Moines right now.

Matt and the gang point out that obviously Kansas fans are in Des Moines, so they are worried that if Kentucky pulls out the win tonight and so does Indiana. They believe that on top of any IU fans that will be there, Kansas fans will stay and root for Indiana. Providing a true road game type environment for the Cats on Saturday.

Ryan is a little bit of a mess today.

Ryan needs to stay away from mixing night quill and alcohol, apparently he had a rough night and struggling a little bit this morning.

Start the party when Oscar Combs arrives.

and Oscar has arrived.

Ryan called his wife at least 11 times yesterday.

All of you ladies out there know that if you where married to Ryan you’d be keeping close tabs on him too, so I’m not surprised by this at all. A little much though, a bit much Ryan.

Jameel Warney has became Shaq reincarnate in the last few days.

EVERYONE, I mean everyone is talking about this kid. I get that he is good and will most likely cause the Cats some trouble tonight, but the Seawolves have played sub par competition all year and haven’t faced a team with the length that Kentucky has. Yeah Warney may get his if he lives up to all of the hype since Selection Sunday, but I believe there is also a good chance that the combination of Alex Poythress, Marcus Lee, and Isaac Humphries can slow the big man down enough for him to be a non factor. Or at least let’s hope so.

Stony Brook was one of Matt’s upset picks before the brackets came out.

They’ve became a lot of sports analyst favorite Cinderella pick in the NCAA Tournament. I just can’t see it, probably because I am a homer, but Kentucky has been playing so well and living up to greater challenges than Stony Brook in recent weeks. So I just dont see it. I think the Cats are going to come out ready to play and put out everyones Cinderella hopes as far as Stony Brook is concerned.

Swaggy Cal took a shot at Pitino yesterday.

Coach said about his first NCAA Tournament as a coach in 1992 when his UMass team was beaten by Kentucky, “That game, by us losing, led to Christian Laettner’s catch against Kentucky when Rick should have had the guy on the ball and he took that guy off the ball and they threw it deep and the guy turns and scores.”

Gauntlet thrown! That’s a gut punch if I’ve ever heard one.

 Kentucky has been working on the big men taking defenders off the dribble. 

Showing us that the bigs tonight will be trying to force Jameel Warney into difficult defending positions as they will be trying to force him into foul trouble. I just hope they listened well and this doesn’t back fire into a bunch of charging calls on Kentucky getting our bigs in foul trouble. I’m sure Cal will abandon that thinking if that happens though.

Indiana fans are already printing t-shirts for the game against Kentucky… I told ya, looking right past Chattanooga. 

Watch the Indiana vs Chattanooga game today starting at 7:00pm EST on CBS before the Kentucky game, because this one could get interesting.

Drew is all in on Chattanooga, and so am I.

I’m with Drew and calling an upset of Indiana by Chattanooga today, not because I have factual stats to back that up. Just because I would love to see it, and Tom Crean is boob and will lead his team into choketown tonight.

Ryan calls the Chattanooga coach, Coach Snothead…

If you go to Des Moines, there will be tickets available, and they are cheap. 

The word on the streets of Des Moines is that there are still lots of cheap tickets for tonight, and most likely Saturday if you are contemplating the drive out there.

MerrBear will be a thing.

Image result for merrick garland

Ryan is throwing up in the middle of the show. 

Classic KSR. haha.

Kentucky vs Stony Brook. 9:40EST

Contrary to the popular belief, the Cats will pull out the victory tonight and move on to play either Indiana or Chattanooga Saturday. I think Kentucky looked loose and ready to go in shoot arounds yesterday and seemed to understand that looking past Stony Brook would prove to be detrimental. So I see the guys coming out to play with energy and will put to rest any doubt that this team won’t make a run this year. I’m Looking for Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray to both lead the scoring onslaught tonight, while the big guys shuffle in and out putting pressure on Warney being their collective main objectives. Isaiah Briscoe will be his driving to the basket self and cause more problems for the Seawolf big man in his attempt to stay in the game and not get into foul trouble. Kentucky rolls into the second round Saturday with a convincing win against Stony Brook tonight.

Precidtion: Kentucky 84 Stony Brook 68 

The KSR Pregame Show will start at 7:00 EST. Let’s all tune in to get pumped up and ready for the game, if your not already.

Then the KSR Postgame Show will be tentitively starting around 1:00am EST, which if you can muster up the energy to stay up for, win or lose you probably should because it’ll surely be epic. 












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