KSR After Show 3/15/16

We inch ever so closely to another Kentucky game day, the NCAA Tournament kicks off tonight with its play in games, and we as fans anxiously wait our turn to watch the Cats play in the big dance. On the Tuesday addition of Kentucky Sports Radio, Tony Vanetti joins Matt live at Steepletons to be his co-host in Ryan’s absence. KSR will help us all get to game day by discussing everything that’s on all of our minds, and provide us with more ammunition for our excitement going into tournament play. Today’s show will be the last for Matt and the gang before they take off to go to Des Moines, Iowa where they’ll set up to bring us a closer look into everything going on around Kentucky at the NCAA Tournament. So let’s listen in and see what Matt and Tony have in store for us today to keep us going and continue to get us ready for Thursday night. 

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On today’s show: 

Tony says he isn’t rooting against Kentucky. 

Don’t believe Tony for one second he’s trying to keep his Twitter feed from blowing up with angry BBN fans. 

Calipari and Mitch Barnhart both took more shots at the NCAA Selection Committee again yesterday. 

We all heard Cal’s comments yesterday, Here is an article from 247sports.com on Barnhart’s statements. 

Cal wants to “jazz” up Rupp Arena and create a circus like environment that resembles the crowd at the SEC Tournament. 

Yes please, go for it Coach. Something needs to happen to get Rupp rocking. 

The Ohio St loss was most likely a big factor in the decision on Kentucky getting a 4 seed instead of a 3 seed. 

Yeah, Ohio St was a terrible loss they are awful. But like Coach Cal says now that the bracket is out there is nothing we can do now but play the games. Plus that Kentucky team and the one we have now are not the same teams. The team we have now has grown in every way and I believe would crush OSU today. 

“Big Blue Nation…I am your father…” – Matt Jones

A team that loves to play together wins together. 

This statement is proven by the Cats winning and their overall improvements, and looking like they are having fun together as of late. While also proven in the complete opposite sense by watching the LSU and Ben Simmons debacle this season. 

“Clear heads, full hearts!” Mother Truckers! 

Matt’s cabinets are full of fast food cups. 

Kentucky vs Indiana matchup will likely happen. 

An Indiana fan on an IU message board gave Indiana the edge at every position besides Jamal Murray. I live in Indiana and you guys our outside of your damn minds. I know this was only one fan but come on, I listened to Indy sports radio stations yesterday to hear what the general sense was. It seemed to me that Hoosiers are looking right past a Chattanooga team that could very well knock them off, and reveling at the chance to play Kentucky. While commendable in the fandom community to want to play the best, I’m sorry to tell you that the NCAA punched your tickets to a second round first weekend loss on Sunday. As for the better at every position than Jamal Murray, that’s just a fiction homer statement and that’s fine we all do it. You guys keep overlooking Tyler Ulis and Isaiah Briscoe and see how far that gets you on Saturday. If you make it to Saturday. 

Do some Indiana fans hope they lose to get closer to firing Tom Crean?

I doubt other than some crazy extreme fans that any of them want to lose, but if they do lose it will be a reason for all IU fans to jump back on the shipping Crean out of town bandwagon. 

The sweet 16 loss by Louisville to Kentucky two years ago was the worst loss for Tony Vanetti, and (sadly) the best moment of Matt’s life. 

A caller told Matt he needs a girlfriend. I tend to agree, ‘cough cough’ Kaylee ‘cough’ Hartung. 

Matt doesn’t think there is a NCAA Basketball Committee Conspiracy, just that they are stupid and don’t know basketball. 

Again, agreed. 

Matt did a happy dance when he found out about the UofL scandal. 

Who missed the boat on catching this on video? We need to shun someone here. 

“Balance this!” – Chester

Hey hunters…

UK women’s hoops have a great draw in the NCAA Tournament and can play 4 games in Lexington and get to the Final Four. Which is in Indianapolis. 

Bruce Pearl called out Johnny Jones yesterday, and it was awesome. 

Pearl on Simmons..”next guy that comes out like him better consider who his coach is going to be” 

Either Bruce Pearl knows something we don’t, like that Jones won’t be returning to the Tigers bench next season, or he’s a badass and doesn’t care. 

Ben Simmons may not be the number 1 pick anymore. 

He may end up being a good pro, but because of attitude and a lack of a will to win, I’m falling out of the he’ll be great category. 

Jameel Warney, Stony Brook’s best player and big man dedicates every game to Return of the Mack artist Mark Morrison. 


Over/Under on how many times we will see the Christian Wofford shot on Saturday if the Cats and IU win their first round games?

I’ll say, 5 and take the over. What do you think? That could be a low over/under.

Pitino had another interview on Mike and Mike again today with lots of “hard hitting” questions. 

I can’t wait to hear Matt rip Mike and Mike on Finebaum again today. While Paul campaigns for his guys to continually stir the pot. It’ll be great radio. 

Tony changed his mind… He’s now rooting against Kentucky. 

Hahaha… Tony’s drunk caller impersonations where hilarious. 

Tyler Ulis is the short people ambassador and has started a revolution.  


KSR is live from Peoria, IL tomorrow to get us ready for Stony Brook and hopefully Indiana this weekend. Tune in at 10am EST to hear what the guys have in store for us. It should be a lot of fun finding out what the guys are getting into in Iowa. 


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