KSR After Show 3/14/16

It’s Monday morning after a big SEC Tournament weekend where the Cats pulled of a big win against Texas A&M to bring home another SEC Championship. Then after celebrating the win the NCAA Tournament bracket came out and March Madness is now truly upon us. 
So let’s all listen in to Kentucky Sports radio as they are at Mall of St. Matthews today and will be breaking down the weekend, the tournament, and I’m sure many other things on the minds of all of Big Blue Nation. 

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On today’s show:

What a game yesterday. The Cats became SEC Champs in a trilling win. 

Kentucky with Tyler Ulis leading the way took Texas A&M down to the wire and into overtime again, but came away with a victory this time and another SEC Championship. Tyler Ulis had a career high 30 points and proved once again why he was the SEC Player of the year and SEC Defensive player of the year. 

But did it even matter? Do we all have busted brackets before a singlegame is even played?


UK ends up getting a 4 seed, put in a region that is obviously the hardest, with UNC, IU, West Virginia, and Xavier being the least  worrisome. All while Texas A&M whom again Kentucky had literally just beaten for an SEC Championship got a 3 seed. This selection committee needs to be more regulated and the random criteria for seeding should be narrowed down and set in stone. 

Coach Cal had a big rant about tournament seeding during an interview on the ESPN Bracktology show. 

Here is the video of Swaggy Cal’s rant on the show. I also thought it was quite funny how Jim Boeheim and Jay Wright both sort of friendly coach on coach dogged Cal for his comments but agreed with his overall talking points. Viewers got their monies worth watching those few bantering segments of the Bracketology show. 

Don’t look past Stony Brook. 

Here is a great article from Kyle Tucker @KyleTucker_CJ of the Courier Journal on 5 Things UK fans should know about Stony Brook. 

LSU declined their NIT invitation. 

It was said that Ben Simmons stated that he would not play in the NIT Tournament if LSU accepted a bid. What a chump, so LSU decided to save further embarrassment and not accept the invitation. It really is amazing how terrible of a season LSU had, how terrible of a coach Johnny Jones is, how much Simmons’ teammates hate him, and how much of a tool Simmons really seems to be. What a train wreck.  

Games in Des Moines will be road games for Kentucky the first weekend. 

While BBN is everywhere, these NCAA Tourny environments will be nothing like the awesomeness of the crowds Kentucky drew in Nashville this past weekend. With Kansas and Indiana both playing in Des Moines as well, look for predominantly unsavory UK hater crowds. 

Doug Gottlieb picks Kentucky to win it all yesterday, and is on the phone with Matt. 

Doug says he’ll take John Calipari, Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray over Tom Crean, Yogi Ferrel and Indiana. Then also says he’ll take Ulis and Murray over Marcus Paige and UNC everytime and twice on Sunday. 

Louisville OTL 

An anonymous NCAA official said if Rick Pitino was at any other school he would be fired. Which equates to the NCAA believing that he should be gone. Matt stands firm on his stance that Pitino will not be the coach at UofL next season. 

Pat Forde just compared John Calipari to Donald Trump… 

Pat Forde is a tool box with a headless hammer, two broken screwdrivers, with a couple of nails, and missing a bunch of screws. 

Kentuckys first game on Thursday (St. Patrick’s Day) against Stony Brook starts around 9:45pm

Which Matt says makes for a 1-1:30am post game show for KSR, which will be epic. All of Kentucky should be shut down on Friday. 

The SEC almost only had 2 teams make the NCAA Tournament. 

Vandy barely got in upping the SEC tally to 3, when earlier in the year it looked like there could potentially be 7 SEC teams make the NCAA Tournament. 

Jamal Murray’s 20 pts a game streak ended yesterday at 12 games. 

He still has a chance at breaking a couple other records if the Cats go deep enough in the Tourny, and Tyler Ulis is still on pace to break John Walls assist record. 

Travis Ford to Louisville rumors?

There are rumors floating around that next season former UK star PG and former Oklahoma State Basketball coach Travis Ford, who played under Rick Pitino, will either join Pitino in Louisville as an assistant or take over head coaching duties if Rick steps down. 

The Kentucky crowd environment for the SEC Tournament was insane. 

Through the television the crowds for the Cats seemed amazing, so I could only imagine how grand they where actually being there. Every Kentucky fan should get the SEC Tournament experience once in their life. 

Coach Cal even got in the pumping up the crowd action in Nashville. 


I missed it but apparently the crowd was so exciting yesterday that Coach Cal even tried his hand in telling the crowd to get up even more. That’s pretty awesome, I love Cal’s enthusiasm and animation on the sidelines, and how much fun this whole team is having right now. 

Matt and KSR is back tomorrow with special guest cohost Tony Vanetti. Which should make for an interesting and fun show. Maybe Vanetti will pull out his famous Isaac Humphries impersonation. So tune in to KSR at 10am EST and we will continue to get set for the upcoming NCAA Tournament weekend for the Cats. 


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