KSR After Show 3/11/16

It’s game day! And the KSR crew are again at Tin Roof in Nashville for the SEC Tournament, where they will break down all of the happenings in their adventures in Nashville, tell us what’s going on in the Kentucky world, and give us some insights into tonight’s game against Alabama. Let’s all listen in and discuss it here when it’s over!

You can simply leave comments here on our page, or CALL or TEXT The KSR After Show Hotline @ 775-583-7483 we would love to hear from all of BBN and we will post any of your voicemails and texts to the website for everyone else to enjoy and post their replies too. 


On today’s show:

Big Blue Nation is now in Nashville, in full force. 

Hearing the crowd at Tin Roof in my headphones is already getting me pumped! If BBN brings the same excitement to the arena, the Cats are going to have a major advantage. This is going to be a great weekend, I can feel it!

Matt chased Shannon down the hall with his periscope in hand. 

Shannon was super bummed when Vandy lost last night. 

Check out Matt’s periscope he took of Shannon’s reaction here.

Kentucky is projected to be a 4 seed right now in the NCAA Tournament, while its looking like Duke may be a 5 seed. 

And you know if that’s so, Duke and Kentucky will be in the same bracket and not in the Louisville region. 

Matt’s scalping tips:

  • Wait until right before the game to buy your tickets. 
  • At some point walk away, they will chase you down with a lower price. 
  • Don’t buy a book, by your tickets individually daily. 

Darwin’s call was not enlightening. 

Andre McGee is an Uber driver in Kansas City. 

“If it looks like duck poop, smells like duck poop, then it’s duck poop.” – Ryan Lemond

Calipari said yesterday that Tyler Ulis will get drafted this year. 

Campaigning for his guy like he always does. He also essentially called Tyler a part of the coaching staff yesterday. 

By crowd applause at Tin Roof, not surprisingly, Tyler Ulis is everyone’s favorite player. 

Let’s all remember to really appreciate what little time we have left with Tyler at the helm. It’ll be a long long time, if ever again, that we come close to being graced with another Tyler Ulis. 

Devin Booker had 35 points last night, after 32 point night the game before. 

The only other NBA player to still be in their teens and score 30+ points back to back is Lebron James… I don’t think I need to say more, wow go Book! I’m also glad I have him on my fantasy basketball team. 

Holy crap Will proprosed to Rhonda! That was awesome, even over the radio. Great job Will! 

Matt believes the crowd will be 95% blue tonight at Bridgestone. 

Go get em BBN! Be loud and proud! GO CAYTS! 

Will Tyler Ulis get drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft?

Any team that needs a good backup point guard that could potentially be more then that in time, would be ignorant not to take him. Even though they just picked up Ty Lawson the Pacers come to mind right off hand. 

Colin vs Ryan Lemond 

Ryan didn’t know Austin was the capital of Texas or that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, and Colin chimed in before Ryan to name 3 presidential candidates. So Colin destroyed Ryan. 

Pretty sure Ryan just pulled a Ryan and said envolope instead of develop. 

If the Cats make it to Sunday and Texas A&M is there waiting on us. If UK can get the win caller Steve wants Isaac Humphries to spike the ball as the final buzzer sounds. 

I’m on board with this like all on BBN at Tin Roof was as well, but I don’t think this would ever fly with Cal. 

If the Isaac Humphries spike call doesn’t happen, Kentucky is a sure 3 seed with the potential of a 2 in the NCAA Tournament. 

Yeah, this is that call this year that we won’t let go, and I’m with Matt in saying that we shouldn’t. 

Anthony Davis turns 23 today. 

All of Big Blue Nation should send Davis a Happy Birthday tweet at @AntDavis23

The Auburn, Ohio State, and Tennessee loses are the “bad loses” that kept Kentucky from being a 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. 

If the Cats could have pulled out these very winning games, we would all watch Selection Sunday a little less uneasy. If’s, and’s, or but’s though right. 

SEC Tournament Games Today

  • Texas A&M vs Flordia

I’m taking Florida here, upset city, they win by 2. 77-75

  • Tennessee vs LSU

I want to take Tennessee here and probably should, but I’m taking LSU 82-71

  • South Carolina vs Georgia

South Carolina I believe wins here, 84-76

Kentucky vs Alabama tonight at 7:00pm EST. 

Matt didn’t tell us but I’m betting the KSR Pregame show will start at 4:30-5:00 EST. 

I think the Cats will roll the Tide tonight and come up with a big victory. The team is healthy, Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray are going to do their thing tonight, while contributions from Alex Poythress, Skal, Marcus Lee, and Derek Willis will be paramount. Hopefully Derek will find his shot tonight and get back into the groove that he was in prior to the ankle injury. Also remember the big game that Alex had against Alabama early in the year and let’s hope for a repeat performance by him. In a game I believe will be a rout… 

My prediction is:

Kentucky 89 Alabama 68

Remember to keep an eye on Matt’s Twitter feed @kysportsradio for pre and post game show times and tweets of all of what’s going down in Nashville this weekend. 


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