KSR After Show 3/10/16

Well we all know on this Thursday  morning that Kentucky Sports Radio is at Tin Roof in Nashville for the SEC Tournament. I’m betting Big Blue Nation is out and about, and there to join them like they always are. I’m not going to lie I wish I was one of them, but unfortunately duty calls. So lets listen in and see what KSR has in store for us today.

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Four score and seven inches…

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An NBA Scout told Matt that Skal booked his ticket to the lottery Saturday against LSU.

Which is good news for Skal obviously, because he is back on the track that he, we, and everyone thought he would be on thast leads him to the NBA Draft Lottery following this season at UK. It’s also good for Matt because now he most likely won’t have to listen to Capitan Sun Tan’s show now.

Every All-American list thats came out has Tyler Ulis on it besides Scout, who essentially doesn’t matter towards the consensus All-American voting so screw em.

HERE is the breakdown and snibits from Tyler Thompson of KSR on the matter. 

TJ’s parents skipped KSR this morning to bump in the sheets, per Matt not me! 

Marcus Bolden is said to be leaning towards coming to Kentucky. If he does Calipari will have 4 of the top 5 number 1 ranked players at their position next year.


5 of the top 15 players in America joining UK next year if Marcus Bolden does come. 

Which amazingly will equate to the greatest recruiting class for Kentucky and John Calipari. Next year is going to be insane. I dont want to rush this years team out the door, I love this team. But I cannot wait to start breaking down what next years team is going to look like and really see who we’re going to have starting and on the floor for the Cats. It’s looking like even doing this is going to be difficult because of how deep and talented next years team will be. But it’ll be uber fun!

A sports writer last year said Tyler Ulis wasn’t good enough to go to Kentucky and he should have went to Iowa or Michigan St.

I wonder what this guy thinks about those statements now? Big Blue Nation, we should all remember to continue to thank Emmanuel Mudiay and the basketball gods for giving us Tyler Ulis.

When searching for the original article from the Lansing State Journal this is the message I got…


This page exists to tell you
that this page doesn’t exist.

Ryan Lemonds math is embarrassing.

He even has young kids in the crowd yelling the correct answers at him. 

Jamal Murray has 99 made three’s on the year so far, the record is 122 three’s in a season set by Steph Curry.


What is your favorite Tyler Ulis moment?

The two that have been brought up the most are:

The bloody faced Louisville game last year.

photo from courier-journal.com

The South Carolina game this year where Cal was thrown out of the game within the first 3 minutes and Tyler Ulis took control of coaching the Offense and led the Cats to a huge victory.

While my favorite moment is that South Carolina game, I truly believe the best Tyler Ulis moment is still to come either in the SEC Tournament this weekend or the NCAA Tournament coming up soon. I think there will be a game that Tyler shows us again why he is the leader of this team, will go down as one of the most beloved Cats in history, and whether or not he gets the award, our national player of the year. He will put this team on his back and lead them to an amazing victory during this post season, i’m quite sure of it.

The Kentucky Nashville crowds for the SEC Tournament are “wilder” than any Rupp Arena crowds.

Joe Lunardi new Bracketology.

I love this bracket, if it’s so bring it on! Virgina has the 1, Oklahoma as the 2, and Indiana as the 3, Kentucky the 4, and we get to play in Louisville??? Thats almost criminal, I can’t see where this link shows that we would end up in Louisville but Matt says it’s so, so I believe him. But none of those 3 teams ranked ahead of Kentucky scare me one bit. Check Joe Lunardi’s newest bracketology for yourself HERE.

Drew Barker has taken all of the first team snaps in all of UKs Spring practices.


CJ Conrad is being used all over the field. 

Bleacher Report has an amazing article on Marcus Lee, talking about the great things he does in the Lexington community. 

Here is the article on how awesome Marcus Lee is, which continues the tradition of great dudes to come through Kentucky.

Matt was on Paul Finebaum yesterday and it was insane. 

HERE is the full first hour of Finebaum where Matt joined Paul for some interesting interactions with callers.

TJ’s parents have arrived!

Matt’s top 4 teams to win the NCAA Tournament are Kansas, Michigan State, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

Ryan and Saul Smith rivalry revealed.

So Saul’s Senior year, Ryan was working at a television station in Lexington and doing a profile with Smith. Ryan’s new girlfriend and eventual wife Amanda was also there and Ryan introduced Saul to her. Saul began texting and calling her apparently, and Ryan confronted him asking him to stop because they were dating. Saul said that he would stop, and did not, so Ryan now has no respect for Saul Smith.

Click Here for the full SEC Tournament Bracket!

KSR is at Tin Roof in Nashville again tomorrow continuing their SEC Tournament tour. Listen in at 10:00am EST to hear the madness that will insue on game day for the Cats!





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