KSR After Show 3/9/16

Welcome to the KSR After Show! It’s the Wednesday March 9th addition of KSR and the KSR After Show. On today’s Kentucky Sports Radio the guys are at St. Gabriel School in Louisville for the Shannon the Dude Free Throw Contest. With the SEC Tournament on the horizon KSR will be breaking it down and discussing everything else that’s important to Big Blue Nation. 

To chime in on all that was discussed on KSR today CALL or TEXT The KSR After Show Hotline at 775-583-7483 we will post your voicemails and comments here for everyone to enjoy. 

On today’s show:

Scott Padgett went to Saint Gabriel. 

He was apparently a trouble maker. Padgett seemed to have a bit of an edge I could see that. 

Is the excitement the highest it’s been all year going into the SEC Tournament?

I personally am an optimist and tend to keep up my excitement all year long, and it intensifies going into tournament season. Although it does seem like the roller coaster ups and downs of the collective BBN is at an all time high right now. 

KSR rents a house in Nashville next to two members of Puddle of Mudd. 

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, and lots of fun. 

Vandy worries Matt, Ryan is not worried about Vandy. Texas A&M is the team Shannon would rather Kentucky not have to play in the SEC Tournament. 

Shannon spins the tunes…
Shannon FT Contest first try. 

Shannon went 1/5. Sounds like the pressure got to him. Get it together Shannon. Matt and the fans gave Shannon a mulligan so he gets to start over. 

Tyler Ulis was awarded SEC Player of the Year and SEC Defensive Player of the Year. 

Tyler is the 14th UK player awarded SEC Player of the Year. We all love Tyler and know he is deserving of both of these awards. He joins Anthony Davis as the only Kentucky player to win both awards in the same season. 

The other UK players to win SEC Player of the Year are:

Pat Riley

Tom Parker 

Kevin Grievie (won twice)

Kyle Macy

Kenny Walker (won twice)

Tony Delk

Ron Mercer

Jamal Mashburn

Tayshaun Prince

Keith Bogans

John Wall

Anthony Davis

Shannon’s 2nd try

He went 2/5. To win the money he now has to go 13/15 from here on out. 

Pat Adams is an insane person. 

The audio came out of Adams kicking out a Green Bay play by play announcer for absolutely nothing. 

Listen to the full audio here.

Matt says Skal still has a chance to get back into the NBA Draft Lottery. 

Like Matt said, I would think of Skal continues his path to redemption through both the SEC and NCAA tournaments then he can be right back where he wants to be in the lottery. Matt better hope so that way he doesn’t have to listen to Capitan Sun Tans show. 

Shannon’s next 5 shots. 

3/5 I think, they didn’t really tell us because he missed the first 2 and that unfortunately ended it for Shannon…and Lee. 

Coach Cal said yesterday that even though he had taken advantage of it before, that he doesn’t like the transfer rule that took Damian Lee from Drexel to Louisville without sitting out a year. 

Here is an article from the Lexington Herald Leader discussing the issue. 

Helen was the best caller of the week. She told Matt to give Shannon the money anyway and to “quit lyin” haha

Forgive me, but Bob was potentially the worst of the week. Hinting to the fact the Erin Andrews shouldn’t have received the verdict she did because it inhanced her career. 

Oh wait, I forgot about the growling 30% guy that called earlier too, he’s in the running as well. 

The front page headline of the newspaper in Nashville today says Big Blue Invasion. 

Whoever can take the most creative picture with 4 certain items in it, that Matt will release on snapchat soon, and send it to KSRs Twitter or snapchat by 2pm will win 2 SEC Tournament tickets. 

Matt should be releasing the 4 items soon, and says he will announce the winner on the Paul Finebaum show at 4pm today. 

Breaking news: The University of Louisville illegally discussed president Ramsey’s future at a closed meeting on Monday. 

Another scandal at UofL. Incredible. This madness isn’t going to end until and the hammers will continue to drop until changes are made at Louisville. If you are a fan you’ve got to be welcoming that change or you are just an insane person like Pat Adams. 

Ryan knows every Kentucky High School Mascot besides Buckhorn. 

KSR is broadcasting live from Tin Roof in Nashville tomorrow at the SEC Tournament. 

Tune it at 10:00am est tomorrow morning to see what the guys have in store for us at the SEC Tournament. 


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