KSR After Show 3/8/16

Tuesday morning the KSR crew is at Street Craves on campus in Lexington. Attendees will have chances to win $1000 SEC Tournament tickets, listen to Matt and the gang, and get their drink on at 10 am in the morning. Should be an interesting show, so lets listen in as well and see what the guys have in store for us today.

Following KSR, if you have more comments, or opinions to discuss that you weren’t able to get on to the show or just want to continue the conversation, you can do so here. CALL or TEXT The SO and KSR After Show Hotline @ 775-583-7483 and we’ll post any voicemails or texts to the website for everyone to enjoy and send their replies to.

Big Blue Nation and this Kentucky team is back on a roll and the positivity cup going into the tournament season is overflowing.

I’ve never really been down on this team all year, we can’t go 38-0 every year, and sometimes it takes a team a little longer to figure things out than others. That being said, I think this team HAS now figured it out and barring a bad shooting night, or getting beat down by some brutes down low, this Kentucky team will be hard to beat from here on out.

Every team in the SEC that has beat Kentucky this season is on the opposite side of the bracket for the SEC Tournament.

We really couldn’t have asked for a better seeding and draw going into Nashville. I am highly confident in the Cats chances of winning another SEC Tournament Title, and beileve that they will.

Pat Adams kicked out a play by play television commentator.

Pat Adams and Doug Sirmons officiated a game together and apparently they spent the whole game trying to show each other up, so Pat Adams decided he’d take the cake and kick out the play by play announcer.

The Cats can play any style of ball now, they can beat any team and lose to any team going forward.

With the emergence of Skal and the Cats continuing to get solid performances out of Alex Poythress, Derek Willis, and occassionally Isaac Humphries. We can now match up on any given night, with any team. The only issues that could cause this Kentucky team problems is playing a group that is overly physical, and on the occurance that the Cats have a bad shooting night. Which one of the two if not both will most likely happen in either the SEC Tournament or the NCAA Tournament. So we will then have to see how this revived Wildcats team can overcome those issues and try to pull out the win on that night when it does occur. The “fix” on that kind of night in my opinion will be Alex Poythress, we will need him to take the team on his shoulders and carry them to a victory in at least one game going forward, I’m sure of it.

Derek Willis is shooting 50% from two, 50% from three, and 90% from the free throw line. 

Thats so Bullitt County…

Can Kentucky win 6 games in a row?

Houston where the Final Four is, is the toughest place to shoot in the country.

It seems like one of those silly excuses that in the long run shouldnt really matter, but if you’ve ever played any kind of organized basketball you know that some places are more difficult to shoot at than others. Houston where the Final Four will be played this year is the toughest place to shoot in the country, and with Kentucky relying on their shooting quite a bit this year it is worrisome, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it. If we can make it to the Final Four we will worry about that then and hopefully find a way to get through it, or get used to the tightness of the rims.

Cal said yesterday that the selection committee is sure to put the Cats in the hardest bracket and West Virgina will surely be in that bracket. 

Swaggy Cal loves to take jabs at the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, and we love it when he does.

Billy Gillespie said in an interview that he doesn’t have an alcohol problem and only went to rehab so he could get a job.

Same ole Billy, sheesh.

Erin Andrews was awarded 55 Million Dollars in the verdit of her trail yesterday.

She won’t see all of that 55 Million because of lawyer fees, and not getting any money from the guy that video taped her. Although she will still recieve a good pay day from the local ownership group that owns the Marriott. Congrats to you Erin Andrews! you deserve every dime you get, and every piece validation that comes along with it.

Skal made an appearce on KSR today, walking to class. Then Matt says thats the difference in Skal and Ben Simmons, Skal is going to class on a tuesday morning and Simmons would not be.

Ouch Matt… true story though.  

Ryan is ok with someone video taping him naked for a cheeseburger and french fries.

Wendy’s call of the day?… 

Be looking for another story coming out about the UofL scandal the Monday after Selection Sunday with more unknown allegations released in it. 

Be sure to follow all of Kentucky Sports Radio’s social media outlet platforms to have a chance to win two more tickets to the SEC Tournament tonight!

You can find said Kentucky Sports Radio profiles by searching simply for Ky or Kentucky Sports Radio on each platform. I’m sure most of you already do so now anyway.

Kenny Payne is most likely moving on to a head coaching job somewhere else following this season.

During the post game of the LSU game saturday evening, Kenny Payne seemed to be saying goodbye to Big Blue Nation and will most likely move on to a head coaching job next season. Losing Kenny Payne would obviously be a hit, but he deserves to be a head coach and it seems like his chance is coming sooner rather than later. I also have faith in Cal to replace him with someone who if not already will be, can be as effective as Payne has been.

Kentucky commitment Mack Jones (4 star), the 12th best QB in America is rising up the charts and now getting more interest from top level programs.

Everyone in Big Blue Nation needs to keep an eye on this guy and hope that his committment to Kentucky doesn’t waiver when all of these big name schools come after him. As they most certainly will. 

Harold shoots real bow and arrows out his door during the UK games, and says Rick Pitino looks like a “Dead Dog”…

The Shannon the Dude Free Throw Contest is tomorrow at Saint Gabriel in Louisville.

He has to hit 16-20 free throws to win $500 from Matt and 20-20 to win $1000. Apparently Shannon shot 16-20 in his first practice but hasn’t done so since.

Chester throws down the Final Four Gauntlet! He says if we win two games in the SEC Tournament the Cats will get a 3 seed, be in the Louisville region, and then therefore go to the Final Four. 

Chester always gets us fired up with his calls, and I tend to agree with him here. Kentucky’s best chance to the Final Four is winning two or more games in the SEC Tournament and hopefully getting a 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament after doing so. Which would most likely put us in Louisville and that of course gives UK the greatest chance in the tournament no matter who we face in each round. Every game we would play in Louisville would essentially be a home game because BBN will come out in full force.


Tonight: be sure to follow Kentucky Sports Radio on all of the various social media outlets throughout the day and evening for your chance to win two SEC Tournament WEEKEND Tickets. 

Tomorrow: is the Shannon the Dude Free Throw Contest at Saint Gabriel in Lousiville, while it’s not open to the public because school is in session there. Tune in to KSR to listen to Shannon trying to win money from Matt, while Matt trys to distract Shannon where he will surely cheat in some way. Should be an interesting and pretty fun show.  



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