KSR After Show 3/7/16

Monday mornings stink! But today is a Monday after a great weekend for Kentucky Basketball and Big Blue Nation. Let’s listen in to Kentucky Sports Radio as they break it all down and discuss it. 

If you have any comments that you  weren’t able to get on the show and talk to Matt and the gang about. You can CALL or TEXT The SO and KSR After Show Hotline @ 775-583-7483 and we can discuss it here. 

KSR will be at Street Craves tomorrow, and will be giving away tickets to the full SEC Tournament. 

The full KSR Schedule for the week

Tomorrow: Street Craves on campus in Lexington, SEC Tournament weekend tickets will be given away. 

Wednesday: The Shannon the Dude Free Throw Contest is at Saint Grabriel in Louisville. 

Thursday & Friday: KSR will be broadcasting live from Tin Roof in Nashville at the SEC Tournament. 

Kentucky is the 2 Seed in the SEC Tournament and will play the winner of Alabama/Ole Miss.

What a great draw for the Cats. Other than winning the SEC outright we couldn’t have asked to be in a better position. 

Matts bold prediction is UK will play Mississippi State in the quarter finals of the SEC Tourny.

I hope so, the easiest way to another SEC Championship and to help keep the Cats rolling is obviously the best route. 

Skal played amazing Saturday, he scored 18 points while Ben Simmons only had 17. 

Skal finished the game against LSU with 18 points, but most importantly 9 rebounds and 6 blocks. Keep it up big fella BBN is behind you! My girlfriend makes fun of me for how many “C’mon Skal” “atta boy Skal” outburst she hears from me each game. 

Ben Simmons post game comments. 

Even though Matt let us know that the Ben Simmons post game comments where taken a little bit out of context, like a lot of comments are these days. I still believe the future number 1 pick lost a lot of what eventually could have been fans of his once he got in the league. With his snarky, arrogant, and really plain ignorant comments about arguably one of the top five most beloved players now in UK history, he’ll never get a welcoming look from BBN now. That’s not something we forget. 

Simmons will likely join only 3 other number 1 draft picks to not make the NCAA Tournament. 

Any great player has the ability to will his entire team to victory. Simmons is not one of these players. Yes he’ll have a great career, but he’s not the next Lebron. Just look at what Lebron did in the NBA Finals last year, he had less on that team than what Simmons does at LSU. 

Katina Powell will speak with the NCAA for the second time today. 

Brad Calipari tweeted yesterday that he will be coming to Kentucky next year. 

In a year of big commitment to Kentucky, this is by far the biggest. Getting Brad Calipari essentially keeps Coach Cal at UK until 2020, and hopefully gets his decision to retire here or not leaning more on the yes side of the pendulum than the no. 

The U.K. Student section had it together on Saturday yelling “GPA” at Ben Simmons and coordinating a one man shout out to Antonio Blakeney  with “Do it to me like Katina Powell did it to you!”  

Good stuff guys, keep up the good work!

Richard completely pissed Matt off and now he’s about to blow a gasket. 

Completely agree with Matt here, but if I would have had a table to hide under I would have. 

Ryan says he’s more handsome than Saul Smith today. 

You decide 


Was Skal not performing up to par early in the year a blessing in disguise? 

Like Uncle Matt said, if Skal had been performing like this all year then the Cats offense would have flowed through him more. Which makes it a strong possibility that Derek Willis wouldn’t have been able to hardly get on the court, and  maybe Jamal wouldn’t have been able to find his stroke and grow as much as he has throughout the year. So yes I do believe, yet a sometimes frustrating blessing, that it was a blessing none the less. 

Matt and Ryan love TLC and Matt was singing it coming back from break. 

This is one of the many reasons why I love this show, and why the SEC Network steers clear… Haha

Matt is wearing a cowboy hat on his MySpace page?


How closely did you listen to KSR today? Test your knowledge by taking The KSR After Show Quiz!



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