KSR After Show 3/2/16

It’s Wednesday morning after a great road win by the Cats over Florida last night. There was a lot going on in the town of Louisville yesterday, most of which was insanely ridiculous. So let’s all listen to what Kentucky Sports Radio with Matt and the gang has to say about it all, and talk about it here afterwards.

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Kentucky takes care of Florida. 

What a great balanced win for Kentucky last night. All 5 starters finished in double figures. Tyler Ulis and Alex Poythress both had double doubles, and Skal was 2 rebounds away from one. Isiah Briscoe was 5-6 from the free throw line and Jamal Murray was still the leading scorer. It seemed like anyone that Calipari put in the game played well and contributed in some way. Kentucky hasn’t been consistently that balanced all year but if they can continue to be so, then a game in Apirl is a real possibility.

Skal only played 15 minutes and still put up good numbers. 

Maybe Cal’s tweak was something to give Skal a kick in the pants, get him and the other big men involved early, or did the fact that he dropped out of the NBA Draft Lottery give him some extra motivation possibly. I’m not sure but we can all hope it continues!

The officiating in the SEC this year is ridiculous. 

As Matt pointed out, parts of the game last night, most prominently the last 3 or 4 minutes where excruciating to watch because of the officiating and Florida’s coach playing hack-a-Kentucky. Let em play geez Louise.

If a player at Louisville has 9 dunks in a game they would retire their jersey. 


To win the SEC Kentucky needs to win Saturday against LSU, and we need Vanderbilt to beat Texas A&M. 

If Kentucky can get a win at home against Ben Simmons and LSU they will at least get a share of the SEC Regular Season Title. To win it out right the Cats need Vandy to beat Texas A&M.

Louisville gave out Championship rings, played “One Shining Moment”, and Rick Pitino was the biggest liar that ever lied last night. 

Honor your transfer Seniors who you screwed out of a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament sure. Yet my lord this is over the top and the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and Rick is the lyingest liar that ever lied. What a joke, but that’s the Louisville way.

The revelation that UK had a lead going into halftime and Jamal Murray only had 3 points is encouraging going forward. 

Especially since the Cats where also without Derek Willis in last nights game and the fact that this statement is true, it is encouraging if the balanced scoring can continue.

Skal fell to 16th out of the NBA Draft Lottery, Jamal Murray moved up to 4th. 

I personally can’t wait to listen to The Matt Jones Podcast with Tim Couch. 

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