A few take away’s from the John Calipari Call in Show

Coach said that Skal was not the tweak.

Calipari said that Skal played so well in practice that he told Tyler Ulis that he may start Labissiere, and Ulis was on board with the thought. He also stated that he was proud of how Skal played against Florida. As are we coach!

Cal had a pretty pungent rant about confidence. 

It is obvious that confidence is a big point of emphasis from Coach Cal to the guys right now.

He stated “In my opinion Tyler (Ulis) is the player of the year nationally, but Jamal (Murray) is a top 5 pick in the draft.” 

Campaigning for his guys per usual, I like it.

Calipari called Louisville, Lewisville. 

I’m not sure what the joke here was, if it was just that he thought it was funny to mispronounce Louisville how some do. Or if there is an underlying joke I don’t know about but it was clearly meant to be some sort of dig.

He talked about the progress Jamal Murray has made since the beginning of the year. 

We all know the greatness Jamal has pulled out of his quiver the second half of the season. Cal just wanted to make sure we don’t forget, and we shouldn’t.

Coach said he probably won’t watch the tape of the Cats loss against LSU to prepare for Saturday’s rematch because of how bad we where playing then. 

WinTucky Lee was a nervous wreck speaking with Cal. 



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