KSR After Show 3/1/16

Let the madness begin! its Super Tuesday and the beginning of March, my personal favorite time of year. Because of March Madness of course not necessarily Super Tuesday. Although I was excited for this KSR addition of Super Tuesday because we thought The Donald was going to be on the show, but I haven’t seen anyone promoting that yet so it looks like it may not happen. Hopefully it will still be a possibility in the near future. So lets see what Kentucky Sports Radio has in store for us today instead!

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Louisville could implode today. A storm is a brewing, literally and figuratively. A massive storm is rolling into the Louisville area, Donald Trump is having a rally in town, there could be some overhauling going on at the University of Corruption today, and its Senior Night at the Yum Center for the Cards tonight.

Any of you in the Louisville area, or planning to be today. Be prepared for an insane day of getting around, hearing Donald Trump sound bites, and waiting for hammers to drop at the University. All while trying to enjoy a Senior Night for the Louisville players that don’t get to go to the NCAA Tournament.

Tyler Ulis took the blame for the loss at Vanderbilt.

Tyler Ulis struggled at Vandy, he shot 5-20 from the field and just wasn’t himself, but he still ran this team like no one else can and gave us a chance to win with his will to do so. He is the unequivocal leader of this team and is falling on the sword for his troops. He is the most important part of this team whether he goes 5-20 or not and I can’t blame him, but if he wants to take the heat off of his teammates than go right ahead little fella. Big Blue Nation still knows where we would be without you.

To win the SEC or to have a chance at a shared SEC regular season title Kentucky needs to win tonight.

SEC Standings            

 Texas A&M 11-5 22-7 16-1 4-5 2-1 2204 1912 W4
 Kentucky 11-5 21-8 16-0 3-7 2-1 2267 1949 L-1
 South Carolina 10-6 23-6 15-1 4-5 4-0 2217 2008 L-1
 Vanderbilt 10-6 18-11 13-2 3-8 2-1 2238 1943 W3
 LSU 10-6 17-12 14-3 3-7 0-2 2323 2232 W1
 Ole Miss 8-8 18-11 11-2 6-7 1-2 2163 2087 L-1
 Alabama 8-8 17-11 10-3 5-6 2-2 1875 1880 W1
 Florida 8-8 17-12 12-3 3-8 2-1 2134 1970 L-3
 Georgia 8-8 15-12 13-4 2-8 0-0 1875 1847 W1
 Arkansas 8-8 15-14 13-3 2-8 0-3 2317 2185 W3
 Mississippi State 6-10 13-15 9-5 2-8 2-2 2097 2025 W1
 Tennessee 6-10 13-16 12-3 1-10 0-3 2186 2179 L-2
 Auburn 5-11 11-17 8-6 2-10 1-1 2004 2164 L-1
 Missouri 3-13 10-19 10-6 0-10 0-3 1983 2100 L-3


Shannon could possibly be a boss brown noser.

Come on Shannon your never going to get lines 4 and 5 fixed if you don’t stand up to your boss and make him get something done around there.

Wow, apparently per Gary in Florida, The Swamp is NOT sold out and has $20 tickets left for tonight’s game.

What is the world is wrong with Gator fans, maybe The Swamp wont be rockin as much as usual. It’ll still be a tough environment, It’s an SEC road game, but a small win before the game for the Cats here.

Coach Cal has inserted another tweak.

Matt let us know that Coach did give us a little insight into the tweak saying that it was for the big men. So its speculation time, what could this years tweak for the big men possibly be? and will it be a noticeable in tonight’s game? If a tweak is what it takes to slingshot this team like 2 years ago then I’m on board no matter what it is.


Do you think Kentucky should play zone defense to keep the big men out of foul trouble?

It’s an interesting thought, I know we all get tired of hearing people say lets play zone, and hearing Calipari shut it down as quickly as Rick Pitino lays down the lovin. Although I personally believe there are two different types of playing zone, and it depends on your team as to which you get. Active and Non Active, which seems simple but I’ve seen zones that seem stagnant and the opposition shoots wide open threes and gets into the paint with ease. If we can play the type of active team zone defense that looks like a well oiled machine shifting to the ball, filling up the lane, and the baseline soft spots then why not?


Matt gives Governor Bevin a call to action to do what he said he was going to do while running to clean up this state, and start with the most corrupt University in the country down in Louisville.

Like he has been saying, Matt states again that Pitno and Ramsey are out at the end of the year at Louisville, and Jurich is the only swimmer in the Hooker Gate pool that survives.


Kentucky vs Florida Game Tonight at 7:00pm EST in Gainesville FL.

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Call or Text, The SO and KSR After Show Hotline at 775-583-7483




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