KSR After Show 2/29/16

It’s Monday! And it’s leap year day! Whoop whoop!…Just kidding, I’m aware that Monday’s are comparable to colonoscopy’s, they make you quite a bit butt hurt but you gotta have em. At least we have the Monday addition of KSR coming up to discuss the loss against Vanderbilt this weekend, the big week of shows that Kentucky Sports Radio has coming up, and everything in between.
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On KSR today 2/29/16:

If we don’t have Derek Willis, then the rise and fall of Kentucky’s 2015-16 year hinges on Alex Poythress.

Kentucky’s point production is significantly lacking with Derek Willis sidelined. Until he returns the Cats are reliant on Briscoe’s jump shots that are not falling to be that third scorer UK needs. Although he keeps trying, and I don’t believe he’s doing so just to put up shots. Briscoe shoots thinking they are or will eventually start going in, but again they are not doing so. To counteract these detrimental factors Kentucky needs Alex Poythress to step up and bring it every night. To win the title I believe this is true once Derek does returns as well. Alex’s O-fer day on Saturday doesn’t give Big Blue Nation much hope, but nieve or not I want to believe in the big fella and trust that he’ll get it together and help our boys in blue make a run as we enter into March.

Matt now does the bow and arrow after…everything. 

McDonald’s employees beware the new Oliver Queen wants his egg white mcmuffins!

Getty images

Kentucky’s seeding improved after a loss because everyone else in the country stinks and lost as well. 

15 of the top 25 lost this weekend. As we’ve heard many times already, this year is just bananas.

Curse de Lemond is still at full force and going strong. Ryan predicted before the game that Alex Poythress would be the player of the game…no Ryan…no more. 

I’m with Matt, we love you Ryan but you should be banned from pregame shows going forward. That way there’s no chance that you pull a Ryan and even accidentally slip in a sutble prediction without meaning to do so.

A Minnesota Basketball player tweeted a sex tape of the team. 

What?…Yes that is a factual statement as much as you want to believe it isn’t. With a Pitno on the coaching staff should we really be surprised? I am still trying to wrap my head around the players logic here though. Sheesh.

Potentially only 3 of the 8 losses UK has are NCAA Tournament teams. Pointed out by “Bill the UofL fan”.  

“Baseball! Governors Cup! Calipari!”… 😂 that’s all I have to say here. Get outta here Bill.

The loss at Vandy is not a “bad loss”. The Auburn, Tennessee, and Ohio State losses are, and are the difference in Kentucky being a 1 or 2 seed. 

Obviously it’s been a crazy year in College Basketball, I should have stats here and I’ll try to dig them up for you. I’m willing to bet that there are more overall top 25 losses this year than ever before, or at least in a long time. So as it stands now Kentucky is still lingering around a 4 seed and our fate will most likely be dependent on the bracket region that we pull more than actual seeding.

Fuller House warms Shannon the Dudes Cockals…

Donald Trump will be in Louisville tomorrow. 

Click here for more information on the Trump visit. Yet as Uncle Matt told you this event will be held during rush hour times in Louisville and with a home Louisville Basketball game shortly there after.

“Charles with the Republican Party” put the smack down on Matt. 

He had no good information to help you caucus, but he did manage to blow his lid and call Matt a Democrat.

Cross your fingers for The Donald on KSR tomorrow. 

All of us besides maybe Matt want to hear Kentucky Joe’s Trump intro playing and Ryan Lemond asking Donald Trump a question tomorrow.

Kentucky vs Florida|Tuesday March 1st 7:00pm EST| Gainesville FL.

The Swamp down in Gainesville has always been a tough environment to go into. With Willis most likely still on the mends, I look for this one to be another road game that the Cats have some struggles pulling out. While I think it’ll be a close one, I believe they will do just that and find a way to win and get out of The Swamp unscathed.

Prediction: UK 75 Florida 70

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