KSR After Show 2/26/16

As an admitted lifelong Kentucky Wildcats fan, what comes with being a part of Big Blue Nation amoung having many other fanatical attributes. Is Monday through Friday 10:00am till 12:00pm, headphones in and being submerged into the sometimes off the wall, interesting, and while facts are optional there is still a lot of spirited and informative thoughts during a daily Kentucky Sports Radio experience. While “sports radio” is in the title, anyone who regularly listens knows that KSR is not your run a the mill sports radio show. Which is refreshing, with topics from University of Louisville’s never ending scandals, to having political debates, to having the best candy bar and cereal tournaments live on the air, and of course still discussing all things Kentucky. With hundreds of thousands within and outside of Kentucky listening everyday I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants and needs more than two hours a day of all these things that KSR covers so well on a daily basis. So many of our favorite tv shows have “after shows” and I would like to consider this section of the blog the KSR After Show where BBN can continue the conversation and get more of our thoughts out there. If you couldn’t get on the show or just where not able to, let the KSR After Show be the place that you always can. So let’s get to it! Post your comments below after the article and we’ll discuss what on all of our minds today.

On today’s KSR show 2/26/16:

  • It’s another somewhat of a let down ask anything Friday.

It’s somewhat hard to criticize the callers Ask Anything Friday questions because at the moment I can’t think of any tittlating questions myself, but this opportunity could be and in the past has been much better than the questions that where asked today. Perin Johnson belittling a Louisville fan at the Kentucky Derby seemed to be the best Ask Anything Friday story. Asking Matt and Ryan if Coach Cal has ever been mad at them was good. Although while interesting the answers where not to scandalous. We as fans need to pay more attention and be prepared for the next Ask Anything Friday.

  • Shannon the Dude is watching the new Full House Netflix tv series at 6am in the morning. 

Growing up I wasn’t a huge Full House fan but I did watch on occasion and because of Shannon the Dudes excitement I may have to check out the new Full House Tv Series on Netflix and see what all the hoopla is about. Will you watch or attempt to watch? Or not even the slightest bit interested?

  • Grayson Allen is a fart sniffer who looks like coach K and has been induced into the hateable players of Duke basketball hall of fame. By way of doing said fart sniffing, not getting technical fouls called on him for tripping opponents, all while being a good player.  

Matt mentioned Bobby Hurley Cherokee Parks, Christian Laettner, Chris Collins, Wojo, and J.J. Redick as the most hated Duke players, what do you think?

  • What team do you NOT want to see Kentucky play in the NCAA Tournament?

Here I tend to agree with Matt that North Carolina with the emergence of Bryce Johnson is most likely to be our Wisconsin of 2016.  Yet I also threw out the notion that possibly Michigan State could be a thorn in Kentucky’s side come March as well.  They play tough hard nosed Tom Izzo basketball and Denzel Valentine who has recently thrown his name in the player of the year conversations, while not a true point guard controls the game and plays at a perfect pace that no one else can other than Tyler Ulis of course. Any Tom Izzo coached team getting hot in February worries me a little.

  • Huffington Post Weird Food Combinations. 

Check out the full list of Huffington Post Weird but Delicious Food Combinations here.

Everyone outside of my small town Kentucky family circle thinks that my eating cottage cheese in my brown (pinto) beans is disgusting. I promise it’s super good. What are your favorite weird food combinations?

  • What actors play the Louisville staff in a movie about the sex scandal?

Matt believes Willam Difoe should play Rick Pitno, which is a good call. I think if he put on a few pounds Kyle Chandler the coach from Friday Night Lights could easily play Tom Jurich. I can possibly invision Alec Baldwin taking on the Jurich roll as well. What are your thoughts?

  • Per Scoop Lemond trusted source Matthew Mitchell will not leave Kentucky for the Tennessee Women’s Basketball Head Coaching job. 
  • Kentucky vs Vanderbilt Game

The game is Saturday 2/27/16 at 4:00pm EST on CBS at Vandy in Nashville, TN.

The way the Cats have been rolling  even with the struggles on the road, I believe we could potentially steam roll Vanderbilt. Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray will continue to stay hot, Derek Willis is most likely out but Alex Poythress is in and I look for him to have a major impact in this game. Calipari used him sparingly in the last game, Alex’s first game back and he was highly effective in the role. Look for Tyler Ulis to produce another double double and Murray to score close to 30 points like he has been in part from the lack of points due to the injury to Willis, but mostly because he’s a badass. Cats roll and keep up the momentum they’ve been gaining.

Prediction: UK 83 Vandy 69

What are all of your thoughts on the game? Predictions?


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