NBA Finals; Game 5 Tonight 

What will be the narrative after game 5 of the NBA Finals tonight between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers? In a series where we started out saying, OH NO! Steph Curry magically can’t shoot anymore! Lebron James is inefficient but still willing his team of misfits to an NBA Championship! To the Cav’s are “gassed”, and Curry is back on track, the series is over. If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard the word gassed since the second quarter of game 4… I wouldn’t be writing in this blog right now 😳

We will soon see what the narrative will be, but I’m going to take a guess and say it’ll be… The MVP is officially back, and Lebron James needs more help. While Steph Curry is somewhat back on track and putting up respectable numbers. He has yet to have that game in the Finals that we are so used to seeing from him. I think he gets back to that tonight and puts up 40 in the points column. Which will of course help the Warriors that game 5 on their home court and take command of the series. I believe Lebron will be rested and continue to put of the gaudy numbers that he has been forced to do since Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love where officially ruled out for the rest of the playoffs. Timofey Mosgov is the only help I anticipate James getting tonight. With his seven foot stature and outstanding athleticism, Mosgov is the only Cavaliers other then Lebron that the Warriors don’t have an answer for. 

But enough talk already, let’s just see for ourselves what come of game 5…


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