Steve Kerr Lies; Andre Iguodala goes Bananas; Lebron headbutts one camera & flashes the king dingling to another; Cav’s get tired; Joey Crawford tells Mosgov to shut up! All of this in game 4 of the NBA Finals 

NBA Official Joey Crawford telling Cleveland’s Timofey Mozgov to “Shut Up!”

In an entertaining game 4 of the NBA Finals, we got lies from coach Steve Kerr of the Warriors, an old bald man yelling at a seven foot Russian, a superstar getting his head busted open and bleeding everywhere pouting to who I assume was the camera man saying “it was your fault! It was your fault!”. He also had a bit of a pregame wardrobe malfunction showing his ding ding to another camera while making his “adjustments”. We also got a veteran role player stepping up for the Warriors as if to say enough is enough, instead of the league MVP doing so. We saw the series controlling Cavaliers loose their legs (figuratively) and only scoring 12 points in the fourth quarter. Allowing the series momentum to shift in the favor of the young California boys for the first time. 


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