Can The Warriors Get Back On Track? Game 4 NBA Finals


With Thursday evening and game four of the NBA finals quickly upon us. I’ve been wondering how it must feel for the Golden State Warriors, being down two games to one in a series that they were highly favored in,The NBA MVP Steph Curry, among others on the team, drawing blanks for the most part in this series. What does it feel like to be in that locker room? I imagine pacing, lots of jitter legs, and players jumping up-and-down. General anxiousness and not being able to sit still, in anticipation of being able to get back on the court and muster up some kind of redemption. There’s Coach Steve Kerr spouting out tonight’s game plan, probably telling his team that if Matthew Dellavedova hits the floor for a loose ball tonight before any of you, your coming out of the game because you don’t want to win. I imagine that feeling you get when you’ve been away from home sometime, but your almost there. It seems like every second is a minute, every minute an hour, and it feels like you’ll never get there. Well you will, and the reality of the Golden State Warriors situation is about to give them a gut punch. Will they brace themselves for the impact, take it in stride, and bring this highly hard fought and entertaining series back to 2-2 and play like the best team in the NBA that they have been all season long?  


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