Kyrie Irving Offically Out;Lebron & Cav’s Officially Outnumbered 

Now with the news today of Kyrie Irving’s diagnosis of a fractured kneecap, which makes me cringe and rub my knee everytime I think about it,  the Cavaliers have upgraded the saying “backs against the wall” to “backs against a black hole”. I won’t go so far and regurgitate all of the national media narrative and say LeBron is now on his own and this NBA finals series is officially over. Although I am of the understanding that a comeback by Cleveland, after a loss in game one and now Kyrie’s knee shattering, is a lot less likely. Yet if I’ve learned anything over the years of watching sports, it’s that anything can most certainly happen. There are many instances in not only sports but history as a whole where the will of the few has outweighed the strength of the many. 

So don’t lose hope yet Clevelanders, you do, along with many other talented role players, still have the best player in the game. 

Game 2 in Sunday at 7:00pm est on ABC. 


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