How Mad Are You at ESPN?

Me? I wouldn’t say mad, more disappointed. Like a father is disappointed in his son for not taking out the trash when his mother asked him too. Now she has to take it out, in the rain, while trying to cook dinner, along with doing dishes and laundry as well. That kind of disappointment. 

Let me continue by saying, while growing up in a conservative Christian household. It is my own individuality that allows me to have the belief system of simply, you do you. As long as your being genuine and are happy, you do you, be who you are, who you want to be. I’m not going to be the one to judge whether that is right or wrong and that’s not what this piece is meant to be about. 

I would rather talk about and discuss how this national controversy over Caitlyn Jenner, who will soon be Awarded the Arther Ashe Award for Courage, was sparked by the very same sports news outlet that will be presenting Jenner with said award. Talk about job security. Yes I know, well C.W. They ARE a news outlet they are supposed to find and create headlines. This is true that’s how ESPN, CNN, TMZ, Deadspin and all of the other news media outlets survive and thrive in their industry’s. Yet I find it to be a bit off putting that the Worldwide Leader in Sports would choose to take this prestigious acknowledgment once awarded to Muhammad Ali, Pat Tillman, Nelson Mandela, and as recent as Robin Roberts in 2013, and turn it into a ploy only to get eyes on television sets and rating charts to spike. Instead of giving the award to whom I would guess 80% of America believes would be more honorable choices in Lauren Hill or Noah Galloway. I’m sure you all know their stories by now so I won’t get into that. If you don’t, look into both individuals, they are both deserving candidates. 

Again like I said, I honestly do not have anything against any lifestyle that any person chooses. I want to make that clear. Her appearance at the 2015 ESPY Awards will most likely be Caitlyn Jenner’s first major public appearance since the transformation. While the award itself is meant to be an honor to receive. Isn’t ESPN sort of helping with the onslaught of scrutiny that Jenner has been facing already? Putting her on a huge stage like that in front of millions of people, wearing a dress and high heels in public for what I assume will be the first time on such a large scale as well. Plus all of the national banter that this story is getting now already.  It just seems like to me that ESPN’s motives are a little off base. While some may believe Jenner’s courage is more deserving of the award then a war vet, wounded in combat, now accomplishing incredible things in the sports world. Or a young girl who fought battles on the court playing basketball and off the court with cancer. Whether it is a terrible way of looking at things or even the wrong way to think. I truely believe ratings and headlines where the main driving force behind ESPN’s decision. Not to mention Jenner’s accomplishments in sports happened nearly 40 years ago, and most generations like myself had no idea of the then Bruce Jenner’s Olympic resume until the article in Vanity Fair was released. 

This may also sound somewhat harsh, but it’s really not meant to. I’m only attempting to prove a point… While ESPN can justify their selection of Jenner for the Arther Ashe Courage Award by referring everyone to his/her Olympic record and stardom within the sports world in the late 1970s. What name will the presenter call for Jenner to accept the award?… That’s where it gets confusing. Not just by calling a silly name, but if she (Caitlyn) was never Bruce, always felt like a women. Are the Olympic accomplishment nullified by the fact she competed in a male category? And further on, and so forth. Which none of which is for me to decide, I just thought it may be another interesting way of looking at this situation. Whether you agree or disagree with me, ESPN, or whomever. We all must admit that Caitlyn Jenner and ESPN have our attention. 

Check out the poll below and let me know who you believe should be awarded the Arther Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPY Awards. 


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