Let the Madness Begin!

For anyone who is a fan of College Basketball, our favorite time of year is fastly approaching. When the Cinderella’s come to the big ball and try their hand and creating some heartbreak for all of the Prince Charming’s  throughout the NCAA Tournament. 

I for one can’t wait for the conference tournaments and all the madness to begin! For those of you that do not know me. I’m from a very small town in northeastern Kentucky, and a lifelong member of Big Blue Nation. So in true homer fashion, the Wildcats pursuit of perfection is an incredible thing to watch. Each possession is tremendously exciting, intense, and nerve racking for any blue blood  to sit through. While I love every second of it. I love watching teams like Coastal Carolina, Belmont, Iona, Texas Southern etc. Battle their ways into the NCAA Tournament and try to upset the big dogs and become this years “Cinderella” story as well. 

I just love college basketball. Many sports writers, radio host, and television personalities will say collegent basketball has been on a downside. They’ll say the NCAA Tournament diminishes the regular season because of the aggregate number of teams that are in the tournament. I’m not saying I disagree, but I’m not totally on board with that analogy either. It may be because I am such a loyal Kentucky Wildcats fan and can’t wait for the college basketball season to start each year. So others may not feel the same way but I’ve always been more partial my entire life to watching these young men playing the game to make it to the next level, as well as for the love of the game. You can’t tell me that most of you, if not all of you, like me can not wait til that Monday morning after Selection Sunday each year. Where we all go into work or any other place you frequent with the Internet and a printer. That way we can print out our 5 or sometimes more, NCAA Tournament brackets and try our best at picking each winner in each round until we crown our hopeful Champion.  Then watch each game or highlight and update your “prediction bracket” with your “actual bracket” and see how well you did. Or of course placing your luck in an office, family, or friend pool and trying to win some cash to start of the spring right.

While yes I am very much so looking forward to seeing how my boys from Lexington Kentucky fare against any competition that is thrown their way in the tourney. I’m simply, just like every year, excited for the madness to begin. 



About C.W.

Sports and Music Enthusiast; Kentucky Athletics Fan; Aspiring Entrepreneur; Web Developer; Chef (In my own and sometimes my loved ones minds); Writer/Blogger www.meetweber.wordpress.com www.ttlapparel.wordpress.com

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